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Monday, August 19, 2013


August 19, 2013

Somewhere during the last few days, I read or heard someone say something about being half angel and half human.  Since I’ve identified as both angel and human for many years, I wondered how much of my consciousness is angel at this time and how much is human at this time. 

Consciousness makeup is dynamic, not static for about 70% of humanity, and there are several types of consciousness units who can be found expressing through human body-mind units for various reasons—legally and illegally. I have learned what keeps me more in angel consciousness, and what pulls me more into human consciousness.  I find that when I’m able to avoid lengthy mundane interactions with people who aren’t awakened and aware and don’t recognize me,  it is easy to come from angel consciousness.  Sometimes such interactions are unavoidable, and I move more into human consciousness.  If I want to be my highest and best, I’ll not watch violent, loud, profane movies or television programs. Etc.

For me personally, more time is spent on self care and maintenance living in one place than when I lived the “traveling angel” lifestyle.  There is something about being “on wheels” and driving here and there that is beneficial. Yes, it’s easier for me to be in “angel consciousness” when out and about and moving around a lot.  Currently, my consciousness is 70% angel and 30% human.  A “sister angel” whom I love dearly (and who travels around several different countries all year long) is 90% angel consciousness and 10% human consciousness at this time. Another high-vibration gal (whose cosmic spiritual teachings I resonate with)  is 85% angel consciousness and 15% human consciousness at this time.  Just numbers, that’s all.

As one of my favorite songs goes: “I came down here to love.”

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