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Saturday, August 10, 2013


August 10, 2013
What or who is your priority?  Here’s what Dr. Petra Weldes, Minister, Center for Spiritual Living, Dallas, Texas (www.csldallas.org) has to say about it:  “Are YOU on your own priority list? Your body is a temple of Spirit; your life is a playground for the Divine; your gifts are the way the ONE is incarnating--bringing itself into the world. When you don't take time to care for yourself, it's as if you don't care about Love and Peace, Joy and Beauty, Wholeness and Power finding a way through you into the world. Make time for God, by taking time for your Self.”
These “Daily Words” of Dr. Petra Weldes received today in email fit with words that have been gathering in my mind for an article about taking care of one’s self first. Of course, different people recommend various ways to do that—all of which are valid.  We the Angel-Light Team recommend making energy clearing and spiritual healing top priority.  We not only do that for people who support our ministry, we also educate supporters in what one can do for one’s self—on this site and in phone and personal sessions.
For decades, the wholistic “trickle down theory” has circulated.  Dis-ease of the spirit/consciousness and energy will cause dis-ease of the mind and emotions, which will eventually result in physical disease.  In a high percentage of cases, the root/core causes of physical disease can be found “upstream” in the consciousness and energy. Most attempts to cure physical disease without addressing the root/core causes are applying bandaids when major surgery of the consciousness and energy will heal and eliminate the core/root causes which is NOT to say we’re recommending ignoring the physical disease while one explores the consciousness and energies with alternative healers.  Metaphsical/Naturopathic and allopathic modalities are complementary—not opposites.
Most times after physical body surgery, evidence of what has been removed can be found in the spiritual, astral/emotional, mental, and causal energy bodies.  It can show up in a myriad of ways--imprints, implants, geometric shapes, colors, and even as objects or people or critters.  Energy and emotions of others can be found.  Negative thought forms of self and others can cause major resistance in one’s energies (and many times thousands can be found—depending on the body’s age). Exploring the consciousness for core and root causes can find them in the current life’s experiences, in the experiences of other lives, or even finding spirits and entities that are attached and engaged. 
Even the average person recognizes that when obstacles such as tumors and blood clots are removed and dissolved in the physical body, the body tends to right and restore itself on the physical level. But how many times have you heard of someone being “cancer free”  after surgery and/or treatment only to have the cancer return in a different part of the body and even show up as a different type of cancer?  The root/core causes have to be address for full healing and restoration!  That’s the bottom line.

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