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Thursday, August 29, 2013


August 29, 2013

I refer the reader to Cameron Day’s August 23, 2013 article titled, “Why I Am No Longer a Lightworker” at www.ascensionhelp.com which I have quoted and excerpted for this article. 

Cameron writes about transcending duality and how earth humanity has been deceived by what he calls the “corrupt demiurge.”  The dictionary defines “demiurge” as a subordinate deity who is the creator of the material world.  Cameron reports that the corrupt demiurge split its agents into two seemingly opposing teams (dark and light) in order to capture and control the widest possible spectrum of souls.  The corrupt demiurge depends on harvesting the energy from the souls incarnated within its hologram in order to preserve its existence. What matters most to the demiurge is that we worship it or one of its agents—whether they are on Team Light or Team Dark.

Obviously, the reason I’m sharing about it on my site is because I resonate with much of the information. I have, in fact, expressed some similar thoughts to supporters in private emails.

Continuing on with some of Cameron’s thoughts, many lightworkers have been and are being majorly deceived because they are not aligned with “the infinite source of all creation” but are instead aligned with an imposter (the corrupt demiurge whose hierarchy deceives in order to recruit people to serve what Cameron calls “the false light of demiurgic duality").  He explains how this isn’t difficult to do: Divine agents have a hard time living on earth. Societies here are badly warped, spirituality is twisted and abused, the vibrational density is heavy, our memories are mostly wiped, and we generally would rather not be here.  So any being that emanated light (even false light) and love could make a Divine agent feel like they were making valid contact with truly Divine beings.”  

I hope the reader is intrigued enough to go to Cameron Day’s site (www.ascensionhelp.com) and read the article in its entirety.  Meanwhile, I’ll share some decrees/affirmations we created based on Cameron’s recommendations. For those who want to ensure alignment with Prime Creator/Infinite Source, begin each affirmation/decree with “I Am [your name]. I Am That I Am.” Then create additional words for the beginning, selecting from the following or using them all:  “In the name of Christ, with the power of Christ within me, with the power of my I Am Spirit, with my Applied Conscious Intent, and with the power, with the light, and with the love of my Inner Divine Spirit.”  Here we go!

“. . . I [your name] Decree I Am transcending duality--throughout time-space—throughout space-time—on a full and permanent basis—now.”

". . . I [your name] Decree I Am aligning with the Infinite Source of  all creation and the forces of true Divine light and severing any and all ties that me and mine have with the dark spiritual hierarchy and the false-light spiritual hierarchy-- throughout time-space—throughout space-time—on a full and permanent basis—now.”

“. . . I [your name] Decree I Am revoking any and all agreements me and mine have made to see reality in polarized terms and reclaiming all my energy that has gone into them--throughout time-space—throughout space-time—on a full and permanent basis—now.”

“. . . I [your name] Decree I Am committing to transcending the control paradigms of the corrupt demiurge--throughout time-space—throughout space-time—on a full and permanent basis—now.”

The reader who wants to eliminate the possibility that he/she is being controlled by or serving the corrupt demiurge is advised to speak these decrees/affirmations aloud clearly and powerfully once a day for a couple weeks and then once a week thereafter.

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