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Friday, August 02, 2013


August 2, 2013

Earlier in the year when tagging along with someone with an automobile, I was able to quickly pop into one of the many branches of Half Price Books (the best used bookstore in the USA) and quickly picked up a couple books.  Just now finished Larry Dossey, M.D.’s “Recovering the Soul: A Scientific and Spiritual Search” (a Bantam book published in 1989) and want to recommend it to people who are interested in the subject and not afraid of some science—mainly physics. I’m not implying that “Recovering the Soul” is dull. Far from it!  The focus is on nonlocal consciousness. Here’s the review on the back cover:

The Dramatic New Evidence for the Existence of the Human Soul:  In this thoughtful and thought-provoking new book, Larry Dossey provides an alternative view of human consciousness—a theory of mind and being independent of matter, time, and space. As a physician, Dossey has often confronted events and miraculous cures in his patients that cannot be explained by conventional science. Drawing from the latest scientific research, Dr. Dossey synthesizes the ideas of eminent scientists such as Schrodinger, Einstein, Godel, and Margenau, with the time-honored knowledge of visionaries and mystics to present convincing evidence for a nonlocal, holistic view of mind and reality that can explain transcendental experiences.  In short, he provides new proof of the existence of the soul. Embroidered with thoughts from Lao Tzu and Jung, Meister Eckhart and Rilke, as well as from ancient texts such as the Upanishads, “Recovering the Soul” beautifully interweaves Western and Eastern wisdom into a rich tapestry of intellectual depth and spiritual power.  Here is a penetrating exploration of the nexus of mysticism and healing, religion and physics that helps us to understand our deepest and most elemental selves—a book that triumphantly affirms our interconnectedness with the universe—and each other.

There are three major sections.  Part 1: Beyond the Brain: The Evidence; Part 2: Science: The Proofs; Part 3: God: The Synthesis. Chapter Titles are:  The Reach of the Mind; The Power of Nonlocal Mind; Bodymind; Creatures Great and Small; The Immortal, One Mind: Schrodinger, Godel, Einstein; Mind and Quantum Physics; A New Kind of World; Mind and Form; Spiritual Implications of Nonlocal Mind; Beyond Suffering and Death; The Revenge of the Good Fairy. 

I want to share the last paragraph of the Epilogue:  In the end we can choose to continue to believe that we are local, isolated, doomed creatures confined to time and the body and set apart from all other human beings.  Or we may elect to open our eyes to our immortal, omnipresent nature and the One Mind of which we each are a part.  If we choose the former, nothing will save us.  If, however, we choose to awaken to our divine Self, we face a new dawn.

I recommend reading slowly and allowing some contemplation time and taking notes.   You’ll find much to appreciate in “Recovering the Soul.”

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