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Thursday, August 22, 2013


August 22, 2013

Recently, someone I’ve known several years via Internet left a voice mail message indicating she wanted my input on a matter.  She seemed convinced that her father, who died fifteen years ago, had “walked into” the body of a friend and, as I recall, mentioned that a psychic had confirmed that.  Seems her emotions got the upper hand and education and rationality were left out (and she tends to be very emotional—providing plenty of food/fuel for the entities constantly with her who seek to upset her in order that they can feed off her).

In the truest sense of the word, walk-ins are souls of higher level consciousness that agree to inhabit a body container that another wants to abandon—for the purpose of assisting humanity.  The caller had shared information about her childhood, and I definitely would not describe her abusive father as a high-level soul. So the walk-in scenario is very unlikely.  Now it is remotely possible that her father‘s soul and her friend’s soul are of the same oversoul group, and there has been a soul rotation with her father’s soul rotating into the friend’s body.  And there are other possibilities. However, it is more likely that the caller is being “played” by trickster spirits.

Many (but not all) who are practicing psychics, card readers, etc. can be deceived by trickster spirits who have been targeting the person receiving a reading. True psychics, who scan and read the mind stream, are less likely to be deceived.  This doesn’t mean that other readers aren’t providing valuable information and service because they often do.  It just means that one receiving a reading is not to “hang onto” every word and accept the information provided as truth without questioning it in one’s mind. Being in witness mode, noticing how the information feels, and considering how the information fits into the circumstances of one’s life is recommended.

An example from my own life of how readers can be tricked comes to mind. I’ve never been one to seek counsel of people working as psychics and readers (except perhaps once about 1985); however, I’ve associated with them informally and participated in free mini-reading gatherings of groups of people in the distant past. During less than a month’s time twenty or so years ago, during my time as a “traveling angel,” three different psychics/readers told me details of the same future scenario.  They described a two-story home owned and inhabited by a woman of another race and told me I’d be staying in that home at some point in the future and that I needed to beware of the woman’s son--a man with a criminal mind who didn’t live there but visited.  They describe him climbing the stairs—on his way to violate and harm me. I was told I saved myself by going out the window of my second-floor room and climbing down the side of the house on a trellis like something or other.  Three different readers!  I didn’t become concerned or frightened but politely told them I’d keep that information in mind as I “traveled.”  Never happened—not even close!  Now I realize that readers are not 100% accurate all the time (and many far from it), but three of them provided the information in a short period of time. A trickster/deceiving spirit was no doubt responsible.

My advice to the person who called for input is not to get excited, emotional, and all caught up in what she perceives as her father living in the body of her friend because if she continues to look for evidence that her father “walked into” her friend’s body, she’ll find it, for we usually find what we want to find and we’re looking for—whether it is true or not.  And remember what you’ve learned and be rational about it.  If you do, you’ll realize that it is highly unlikely and you’re being tricked and deceived.

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