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Monday, September 09, 2013


September 9, 2013

Several weeks ago a supporter recommended David Wilcock’s 2011 book, “The Source Field Investigations” and then gifted me with it.  There are over 500 pages--including about 47 pages of very small print notes/references and about 19 pages of very small print index. Ponder the dedication: “This book is dedicated to you, the one infinite creator—the author of space, time, matter, energy, biology, and consciousness—now reading these words in your temporary human form.” Here are some words from the back of the soft cover:  “. . . exposes many great secrets: DNA transformation, consciousness science, wormholes, stargate travel, sacred geometry, ancient conspiracies, multidimensional time, the Maya calendar, and a stunning new model of galactic energy fields triggering mental, biological, and spiritual evolution. . . . A hidden intelligence, a living energy field that the universe is built from, which David Wilcock calls the Source Field, guides mankind’s destiny. David Wilcock has studied this intelligence for over thirty years and has come to understand that the Source Field is the key to unlocking the mysteries mankind have always struggled to answer: who are we, how did we get here, and where are we going? Drawing upon alternative science, as well as cutting-edge quantum physics and consciousness research, Wilcock connects the scientific with lost traditions of ancient wisdom to predict what lies in mankind’s future.”  Got your interest?

I’ll warn you that this book is stuffed with enlightening information uncovered by scientists and researchers, and it is something the average person would be wise to read small amounts slowly and then think upon those words before continuing on.  There are two major parts: “The Mind and the Body” and “Time and Space” (the latter my favorite) and twenty chapters with about 60 illustrations scattered throughout. In my opinion, a thorough review of “The Source Field Investigations” need to not only list chapter titles, but to also include the names of some (but not all) of the sections in the chapters, and that is what I’ll do here.

The Preface is titled, “A Future Beyond Our Wildest Dreams.”  Chapter One, “The Backster Effect, Free Energy, and the Consequences,” includes sections, “Hypnosis and Astral Projection,” “All of Nature is a Constant Conversation,” and “Free Energy—and the Consequences.”  Chapter Two, “Consciousness, Eternity, and Universal Mind,” includes section,s “Rigorous Laboratory Proof of Consciousness Transfer,” and “The Outer Limits of Shared Consciousness.” Chapter Three, “The Pineal Gland and the Third Eye,” includes sections, “Medical Investigations of the Third Eye,” “Piezoluminescence,” and “Health Consequences of Pineal Gland Calcification.”  Chapter Four, “Thinking with the Field—in the Great Cycles of Life,” includes sections “Thoughts Occurring Directly in the Source Field” (I marked this section with stars.) and “Remote Viewing: Venturing Directly Into the Field.”  Chapter Five, “Are We Living in a Lucid Dream?,” includes sections, “Heal the World By Healing Yourself” and “Proof, Belief, and Hope.” Chapter Six, “A Precession of Prophecies,” includes sections, “The Final Destruction,” “The Coming of the Golden Age” and “Asciepius’s Lament.” Chapter Seven, “Shedding New Light on the Great Pyramid,” includes sections, “The Great Seal of the United States” and “The Illuminati.” Chapter Eight, “Pyramid Power—Our Key to the Golden Age?,” includes sections, “Quantum Effects,” “Ancient Technology,” and “The Power of Consciousness,”  Chapter Nine, “The Source of the Source Field,” includes sections, “The DNA Phantom Effect,” “The Holographic Brain,” “DNA Measurably Responds to Human Consciousness,” and “Genetic Restructuring and Healing.” Chapter Ten, “Energetically Driven Evolution,” includes sections, “The Evolution of Life On Earth,” “DNA is a Wave Structure That Can Be Rearranged,” “Life-forms That Rewrite Their Own Genetic Code,” “Energetic Evolution and Species Transformation.” This ends Part One. Remember that I don’t include the names of all the sections here.

Part Two begins with Chapter Eleven, “It’s About Time,” which includes sections, “Large-Scale Changes in the Flow of Time,” “Space and Time,” “Human Consciousness Changing the Flow of Time,” and “A Global Consciousness.”  Chapter Twelve, “The Gravity of the Source Field,” includes sections, “Pyramid Technology Explained,” “Creating and Absorbing Time,” “Spiraling Currents of Time,” and “Astrophysical Observations.” Chapter Thirteen, “It’s the Matter—Dematerialization, Teleportation, and “Time Travel,” includes sections, “Space and Time Are Exact Opposites of Each Other,” “A Parallel Reality—in Time,” “Time Travel Explained,” and “Mass Decreases as We Reach the Speed of Light.”  Chapter Fourteen, “The Gravity—and Levity—of the Situation,” includes sections, “Tornado Anomalies Explained,” “Natural Antigravity in Water, Trees, and Insects,“ and “Tesla Technology.”  Chapter Fifteen, “Geometry Class Just Got Much More Interesting,” includes section, “Geometric Vortex Points,” “Ley Lines and Beyond,” “Geometric Expansion of Earth,” “Earth’s Crystal Core,” “Microclusters and Quasi-Crystals,” and “Genetic Geometry.”  Chapter Sixteen, “The Maya Calendar and the Gateway to Intelligent Infinity,” includes sections, “Conjunctions Become Stargate Portals,” “A New View of the Maya Calendar,” and “Evidence of ‘Natural Stargates’ Through Space,” Chapter Seventeen, “Time Sips, Time Warps, and Vortex Phenomena,” which I recommend reading first, includes sections, “Falling Out of Time,” “The Russian Science of Vacuum Domains,” “The Consciousness Connection,” “Time Storms,” “Time Distortions,” “Gravity Shielding/Levitation Effects,” and “Crop Circles and Mystical Beings.” Chapter Eighteen, “The Galactic Clock Strikes the Hour,” includes sections, “Galactic Energy Spheres Outside the Milky Way,” and “The Local Interstellar Medium.”  Chapter Nineteen, “Not Just a Golden Age,” includes sections, “The Golden Race,” “The Rainbow Body,” and “Divine Synthesis.”  Chapter Twenty, “Disclosure,” includes sections, “Reverse-Engineering the Pineal Gland” and “How Do We Travel Into the Parallel Universe?.”

I cannot begin to tell you how much I wanted to include excerpts from the text, but there are far too many that I couldn’t decide which to choose. Besides, this piece is already long enough.  “The Source Field Investigations” has something for every seeker.  Get it, read it, study it. Take what you can use and save the rest for a time when you are ready for more information (and you will want to read it more than once).

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