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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


October 23, 2013

I first became acquainted with angel message cards in the early 1990s and currently have two sets mixed together in a little bowl—about 100 cards ¾” x 2 ¼” in size.

When I want messages from Divine Spirit via the angel cards, I put my hand(s) on and over the cards, speak, “These cards are for me,” stir them, and then pull three.  When I am pulling the three angel cards at the request of other people (supporters) in my capacity as an instrument of Divine, I speak, “These cards are for [name of person].”  

A supporter called this morning when I was available to ask me to pull three cards for her.  After I spoke the words and as I pulled the cards, I felt wonderful sensations over my body (which was a confirmation that these were indeed the cards for her). I shared that and then identified the cards. We both had a good laugh as she explained why each of those cards were so appropriate and applicable.  It’s wonderful how often this happens when supporters request me to pull the three angel cards for messages from Divine Spirit.  I pull angel cards upon request of ministry supporters. It always lifts our spirits!

The latest edition of these angel cards are available at www.amazon.com. On Amazon, search for “Angel Cards  New Edition by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake.”

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