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Thursday, October 10, 2013


October 10, 2013

An internationally known “angel teacher” who has many books published posted an update on Facebook recently with a photo made near a special site in the U.K.  What she calls a “light arc” was clearly visible in the photo.  In the image I saw on Facebook, one end of the light arc seemed to be at the head of her companion and the other end clearly to and into the earth near their feet.

This reminded me of an experience I had ten or so years ago.  A couple had requested an informal consultation. We sat in their living room—me about six feet away from them.  During that visit, I saw a rainbow arc (like an actual rainbow) form rapidly. It started at the head of one of my hosts and seemed to end on the floor about 4’ away from her. Not only that, it seemed to want to get my attention and lifted from the floor about halfway back to the person’s head and then back to the floor several times.

This is just one example of things I’ve seen as a sensitive that are invisible to the average person.  Some of us incarnated/downloaded into our bodies with abilities—clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, telepathy, etc. Some of us are very intuitive; some of us are psychic. Usually, it is a combination of these and other “gifts of the spirit,” and it’s not  whether or not one is or isn’t, but how much one is intuitive, psychic, etc. Some people can be taught to be more aware, but increased awareness is naturally a result of spiritual awakening (which normally happens in steps rather than all at once).

I use my personal combination of abilities and gifts during consultations (aka readings) with people who want information. Telepathy is how I’m able to communicate with the Angels/Divine Support Team of others and with the Angel-Light Team and receive their input.  Most often, these consultations are telephone visits or via email correspondence.   

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