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Wednesday, October 09, 2013


October 9, 2013

Some who are unfamiliar with energy clearing techniques such as the two being shared here may scoff and say it is just imagination.  Well, both these techniques have proven effective. Give them a try every day for a week or two and then use them as needed or weekly for maintenance.

Spinning Clear:   Stand when doing this, if possible.  Take a few slow, deep breaths.  Imagine a tiny you going into your heart center.  State your intent to spin all negativity out of your field, such as, “I Am clearing all debris and contaminants from my energy field now.”  Then begin spinning your energy counterclockwise (with your imagination), expanding it out in all directions (including above and below) until it reaches about 55' out, with you in the center of a huge ball of energy spinning counterclockwise.This will not only clear your field but also strengthen it.

Cleansing Vortex:  Sit down and take several slow, deep breaths to relax.  To start, imagine a small whirlwind of golden light energy beginning to form about 20’ in front of you—like a small tornado.  Imagine it forming its funnel shape and then increasing in size enough until it is quite large and powerful, but no so much that you field overwhelmed or fearful.  The small end of the funnel needs to be small enough to enter the crown of your head and pass down the central vertical channel of your body.  Instruct the vortex, such as, “Clear and purify my energy field now please.”  Imagine this whirlwind of energy rotating and spinning clockwise, moving throughout your energy field—about 55’ in all directions from your core, pulling up debris and contaminants including physical body, pulling up all debris and contaminants.  Some people actually see objects, geometric shapes, spirals, and dark energy being removed when this is happening
As the old homily goes, “Practice makes perfect!”

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