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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


October 22, 2013

Recently had an inquiry from a gentleman I’ve known for several years via Internet.  He wanted to know the definition of Oversoul.  We’ve written about soul (and oversoul) dynamics several times on this site over the years.  My favorite description of oversouls is a July 19, 2009 article titled simply, “Oversoul.”  The bulk of the article is words from an article of Suzan Caroll (www.multidimensionals.com).  You can read our full article on this site if you wish and check out Suzan’s site for more information if you choose.

According to Suzan’s oversoul, an oversoul is a huge body of light filled with many smaller bodies of light and the many oversouls are part of an Elohim self, who created oversouls. Each Elohim encompasses many oversouls,  just as the oversouls encompass many souls.  All the oversouls within an Elohim are of the same oversoul family, just as all the souls within each oversoul are of the same soul family. Oversouls contain and protect all their souls while the souls send portion of themselves into 3D physicality to gather experience. Those portions incarnate into physical form or just visit temporarily in physical forms. Within the oversoul body of light, the souls commune with each other without the distraction of souls contained in other oversouls. It seems as if oversouls are separate from other oversouls and souls, but it is only a matter of density of light.

Suzan’s oversoul communicated:  “I know, from where you are, you are ascending, which is why you are now able to hear my call. It is your call into my heart, the Heart of Oversoul, that allows me to send down my consciousness to take your ‘hand’ and pull your awareness back into me.   I offer you my consciousness, as you would offer your hand to one who is drowning. . . .  I urge you to keep our connection constantly open so that my awareness can carry you through your many impending transitions within the personal drama of your third and fourth dimensional bodies.”

So Suzan was instructed to keep her connection with her oversoul constantly open.  When I checked in preparation for writing this article, it was 100% open. Of course, there are degrees/percentages of openness, so I decided to check people on our current list and some others for the openness of their oversoul connections. Of  31 people on the list, three of us have a 100% open oversoul connection—all of us spiritual/cosmic teachers/healers.  Another spiritual teacher’s connection with oversoul is 85% open. Two people, including a pre-teen child are at 75%. Three people, including a primary/elementary age child, are at 70%.  Five people are at 65%. One person is at 60%.  Two people are at 50%. Four people are at 40%.  Five people are at 35%. Two people are at 30%. Two people are at 25%. One person’s oversoul connection is only 20% open.

The more open one’s oversoul connection, the higher the level of awareness one is accessing. There are some practices that facilitate maximal opening of one’s oversoul connection, among them:  meditation with intent, affirmations/decrees/prayers, spiritual healing, and energy clearing (not presented here in order of priority). Of course, there is a long list of others.

The uniting of my/our soul selves/portions/extensions in preparation for ascension began about twenty years ago. We are together in/with this form, which is why you read “we” instead of “I” often in articles on this site. And it is why you read “we” in writings of many other cosmic/spiritual teachers/healers.

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