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Saturday, November 16, 2013


November 16, 2013

Received an email from a person new to the ministry this week—a spiritually attuned person who is awake and aware. Here’s an excerpt: “I know you are busy, but I need to tell you how incredibly active my magical miracle Divine Support Team & angels are between you and I right now!  I have consistently had a very active Divine Guidance Team leading the way throughout a bizarre life of miracles. Here’s the long story of our meeting up. It began in mid-October, while I was out walking my dogs, I saw a quail perched on a front porch. This isn’t common in a big city, so I decided to stay with the bird for several minutes.  [Angel-Light Note:  Quails in Texas make a sound that is heard by humans as “Bob White.”] When I got home, I looked up the possible meanings of quail (which travel in groups called coveys and not alone), one meaning is that “a friendly supportive person is coming into your life.” Ever since then I’ve been on the lookout for that person.  Meanwhile, you reported that you’d been getting my name for several weeks and had been waiting for a person with that name to contact you. There’s more. On the walk back home, a ladybug with one spot landed on me--which can mean one month. It is now mid-November, one month later, and we’ve been connected.  Also, I found a $1.00 bill.” [Angel-Light Note: He/She has been financially stressed.]

He/She continued:  “Now, I am used to living an inspired life, guided by intuition, spirit, Divine Support Team, angels, and from time doing so is wonderfully intense--like with you, right now!  [Angel-Light Note: This person found my blog site after doing a google search on a particular topic.]  I duplicated the google search yesterday, and you did not come up as you had on the day I found you. That night after I had found you and you had responding telling me what you needed from me, I began to send you my information, but changed my mind and trashed my half-finished email to you. The next morning, when I turned on my computer, I was welcomed with your email reporting I had sent you an email with only one line in it and no data. I laughed out loud, and immediately sent the data you requested, loving how my life works—in spite of myself. [Angel-Light Note: Yes, angels can manipulate computers, etc.]  Later, when I returned from the usual walk with my dogs, two ladybugs with no spots awaited my return home--which can mean NOW.  And when I turned on my computer, there was your message strongly suggesting I recite the paragraph you included with my birth first name (which I don’t like and kept for family more than me until my father died) rather than the first name I now go by (which I prefer) and report results back to you in a week or ten days.  When on a vacation in the Bahamas about ten years ago, I received a message loud and clear to change my name and finally did so.”  [Angel-Light Note:  He/She is referring to the Sovereign Free Will decree/affirmation.  See November 15, 2013 article on the site titled “Sovereignty & Free Will.]  [Another Angel-Light Note:  When we (the Angel-Light Team) were gathering the information he/she had requested in his/her original email, his/her angels insisted we use the birth name rather than the current name, which is why I gave the homework of reciting the affirmation/decree with his/her birth name.]

He/She continued:  “So even though my heart says otherwise, because my guidance is so obvious right now with you, I decided to do the exercise. Then this morning, I was prepared to tell you this old name instead of new name thing is not working for me too well, when I turned on my computer and the printer spit out another (unrequested) copy of the decree/affirmation paragraph using my birth first name!  Now, even though the computer had several hours, it could have printed another copy at any time last evening. But, no, it was only when I was second-guessing the decree/affirmation using my birth name, and preparing to tell you it wasn’t working well for me, that the printer did what it had to do to get the message to me.”  [Angel-Light Note: Again, angels can manipulate computers and printers.]

He/She ends with: “So, THANK YOU.  I am very much looking forward to hearing the rest of the story from your end as well. In the meantime, it is very clear to me that I AM to do the exercise wholeheartedly, with the fullness of my being!  And I will!”

Angel-Light Note:  My guidance was to do the entire Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis for this individual even though it had already been made clear to me that he/she would be unable to support my ministry.  As I did the Analysis and questioned why his/her angels had connected us, it became clear. In fact, I also received a clear message in six words. It became obvious that it is important for him/her to state the Sovereign Free Will affirmation/decree using birth name several times daily.  I’m not sure yet if we’re to also gift this person with the Divine Reconnective Healing Process, but I have no doubt I will know for sure in ten days to two weeks.

I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am. I Am The Divine I Am. I Am Divine Soul I Am. I Am The I Am That I Am.  I Am a fully sentient, sovereign, free-willed entity. I declare and decree my sovereign free will now. I Am the Divine in control. I Am the only authority in my life. I Am Divinely protected by the light of my being and the light of Christ—Christ in me the hope of glory.  I Am Angel-Light.

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