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Saturday, November 23, 2013


November 23, 2013

Let’s explore the possibility that 3D Planet Earth is a colony of off-planet beings—a laboratory experiment of sorts.  Now some people would say that it’s not a possibility but a truth, and much has been written and evidence presented to validate that reality. Many people claim to have been awakened to the truth that humanity has been fed lies to make it easier for extraterrestrial controllers to control and manipulate, that it is all a ruse to ensure conformity of the masses to the constructs of the laboratory. .

Let’s consider that human body-mind units were created by extraterrestrial gods and have been genetically altered many times over the course of the long history of Colony Earth. (We find that most human bodies have only about 25% of existing species DNA.)  And let’s consider the intentions of different extraterrestrial gods for humans. Evidence is that, in the far distant past, some wanted to use human body-mind units as slaves and others wanted human body-mind units to be capable of hosting souls from all over the universe who elected to participate in this earth experiment or just needed a new home when their planets died or were destroyed. What if many of these souls were deceived by some of the extraterrestrials when they agreed to participate and have been manipulated as they continue to cycle in and out of human bodies?  On the other hand, what if other extraterrestrials are attempting to awaken and enlighten and set humanity free?  What if?

If it is indeed the case that this 3D existence is governed or controlled by various factions of extraterrestrial beings, how does a person discern between the various factions and their angels and agents?  It can be as simple as determining the intent of these and witnessing and experiencing their conduct.  Are they helpful or harmful?  Are they benevolent or malevolent? Are they beneficial or detrimental? Loving or hateful? Are they generous with information when questioned or secretive?  And how does their energy feel? 

Some religious people might make the claim that all these extraterrestrials are of the adversary (aka Satan, aka Lucifer) and not the “true god.”  Well, Jehovah aka Yahweh of The Old Testament guided people to invade, kill, and pillage the communities of other people.  What does that make him? (And reread and make note of the descriptions of the vehicles that Jehovah/Yahweh arrived and departed in.)

Think about it. Do your research. Think some more.

I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am. I Am The Divine I Am. I Am Divine Soul I Am. I Am The I Am That I Am.  I Am a fully sentient, sovereign, free-willed entity. I declare and decree my sovereign free will now. I Am the Divine in control. I Am the only authority in my life. I Am Divinely protected by the light of my being and the light of Christ—Christ in me the hope of glory.  I Am Angel-Light.

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