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Monday, November 04, 2013


November 4, 2013

From the CoastZone newsletter of November 4, 2013 (a weekend edition): “In the first half of Sunday's show, George Noory [host] was joined by author Tom Allen who researched the real life case that the movie/book The Exorcist was based on. The strange events began in January, 1949, when a house in Maryland was under a kind of siege. A 13-year-old boy seemed to be possessed, objects were flying around in the rooms, a scratching as though from inside the walls was heard, and there was a bumping behind a painting of Jesus, he recounted. The family met with a Catholic priest who had the boy checked into the Georgetown University hospital. The boy, who was strapped into the bed, bent a spring in the bed and slashed the priest's arm as he was reciting the prayers of Exorcism. After the word Louis appeared as though scratched in on the boy's chest, the family traveled to St. Louis where they had relatives, Allen continued. There, he underwent further exorcisms with Jesuit priests, Father William S. Bowdern and Father Walter Halloran, who kept a diary of the events from March and April, 1949. During the possession, the boy was said to always have his eyes closed, yet was able to punch and spit at the priests, with great accuracy. Allen also spoke about other incidents, such as a mass possession that occurred to a group of nuns at a convent in the 1600s.”  Check out www.coasttocoastam.com for a wealth of information on a variety of interesting topics.  The newsletter is free, but you may want to subscribe to the programs and enjoy other benefits available to members.

I had drafted another article to post today and had the intention to draft a blog about spirit possession to post after that.  Because of the CoastZone newsletter, the first article today will be about spirit possession.  Sometimes I tend to make things too in-depth and complicated when simplicity would get the same or better results.  And sometimes I find that I’ve missed the boat, so to speak, by not keeping things simple.  Sometimes it is best to just “call a spade a spade.”  So I backtracked and checked supporters and others for spirit possession—plain and simple—by asking how much each person is “possessed by spirits.”  While so doing, I was given other tidbits of information (as is usually the case).  Quite an eye opener! 

You see, a sovereign free-willed entity is not to be possessed by spirits—any kind of spirits. Possession as I’m using it means “taken over.”  Exceptions to that would be the taking over a body temporarily to remove it from harm’s way or to use the body to assist another by lifting a heavy object off the other, etc. High-vibration beings of other levels of existence can work through a human body-mind unit on behalf of humanity.  Some times, these are just other aspects of the incarnated soul’s multidimensional self, and these can ground somewhat into the body and even braid with the soul cord.  When these aren’t of the incarnated soul’s multidimensional self, they can overlay and sometimes do braid with the soul cord. An example of an overlay is the South American “psychic surgeon healers” one reads about. Actually, spiritual healers often experience an overlay.  When the hands of the healer are in place, the hands of the overlay being continue beyond the healer’s hands into the body of the recipient of healing. Some healers are aware when this happens, and others are not. Many times, the recipients report to the healer what is happening.  After some private sessions, I’ve been told my hands went into the bodies of the recipients. It takes a very awake and aware sensitive person to recognize this. 

Back to my point:  Spirit possession other than temporary is unacceptable!  There are some arrangements that some people might call spirit possession which aren’t spirit possession, but ordinary spirit possession is a no-no!  If you want to make sure you’re not “possessed by spirits,” we suggest: “I Am [your name]. I Am that I Am.  In the name of Christ [optional] and under the law of grace, I [your name] decree I Am calling forth, asking for, commanding, and giving thanks for the termination of any and all possession of me and mine by spirits and the binding and elimination of the spirits from me and mine—throughout space-time—throughout time-space—on a full and permanent basis—now.” And don’t decree/affirm this just one time and consider it over.  Do it several times a year (or even more often if you feel it is needed) for insurance.

I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am. I Am The Divine I Am. I Am Divine Soul I Am. I Am The I Am That I Am.  I Am a fully sentient, sovereign, free-willed entity. I declare and decree my sovereign free will now. I Am the Divine in control. I Am the only authority in my life. I Am Divinely protected by the light of my being and the light of Christ—Christ in me the hope of glory.  I Am Angel-Light.

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