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Monday, December 09, 2013


December 9, 2013

I informed a friend who is based in another part of the world about the recent transition of author Colin Wilson because of his/her interest in Colin Wilson’s books.  This is an excerpt from an article dated December 7th that reported that Colin Wilson has died at the age of 82:  "Kicking off with 1956′s The Outsider, written when he was only 25, Wilson set about exploring the human condition with a view to formulating a new brand of optimistic existentialism. But then by the 1970s he went in an ostensibly quite different direction: starting with 1971′s The Occult, he began to write about the paranormal. Initially sceptical, his research soon convinced him that – as Edward Van Sloan once put it – there ARE such things. He would combine this research with his optimistic philosophy over the course of a vast number of books: Beyond the Occult, Mysteries, Afterlife, Poltergeist, Alien Dawn, From Atlantis to the Sphinx, biographies of Aleister Crowley, Carl Jung, Rudolph Steiner, explorations of the Jack the Ripper case and loads of other true crime cases… we could go on, and on, and on."

Response:  Thanks for letting me know. I was always a great fan of his, and in fact bizarrely I recently found a 1981 book of his ["Poltergeist"] in a second hand store which I'm reading now. The essence of the book appears to be that ghosts and poltergeists are the spirits of the dead, and is yet another area showing that there is life after death. I had never really thought about "life after death" extending to this area, but there is no reason realistically why not. Nothing to do with Colin Wilson, but my thought is maybe they are trapped souls who need help in crossing over, perhaps through the intensity of what happened at the time of death or whatever.  One theory however about ghosts, or at least some ghosts, is that they are no more than a "recording" - as if strong emotions could be "recorded in matter", as events which tend to produce "ghosts' relate to some tragedy or similar traumatic event. He quotes a writer called Sir Oliver Lodge who says in a book he wrote that "on a psychometric hypothesis the original tragedy has been literally photographed on its material surroundings or even on the ether itself, by reason of the intensity of emotion of those who enacted it: and thenceforth in certain persons an hallucinatory effect is experienced corresponding to such an impression. It is this theory that is made to account for the feeling one has on entering certain rooms, that there is an alien presence therein, though it is invisible and inaudible to mortal sense. . . .”
My Comments:  Most teachers/healers don't give much thought beyond the assumption that attached spirits are spirits of deceased people. However, when I write on the site about attached spirits, and when we release them and process them, I'm considering that some may be deceased spirits of people, others may be spirits from other realms of existence, others may be non-human, etc.  On the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis, we ask if the person carries the energy signature of a soulkeeper (as I do).  Spirits recognize that and seek assistance from those who carry it.  These is why we'll usually find from several to many spirits attached to people with the signature (who haven't given up on the person and moved on), and we'll find few, if any, with people who don't carry that energy signature—except for deceased family and friends hanging around.  We've released spirits for many years--some generally from people and places, and some specifically from people once they are identified as Uncle Jerry, Aunt Sue, or whoever.

It is the astral body that takes several days to dissipate after a deceased person has "left the body."  You may have read of the term "reanimated astral shells."  There are people adept at dark magic and related rituals and practices that can reanimate astral shells and keep infusing them with energy to make use of them. It seems it is possible for astral bodies to be kept alive long after the person has left the body by virtue of being fed by the energies of living people and other power sources. (An aside: Lower astral entities feed off electricity and can be sensed entering appliances to feed.)  There can be imprints/images in stones, glass, etc. It's also possible for spirits to be trapped and stuck in various objects and energy fields. Energies of people and animals can be carried by objects for long periods of time, which is why we recommend doing energy clearing on antiques. Certain gems and crystals and stones tend to pick up energies easily, which is why these on display in homes and offices need to be cleared from time to time--depending on what goes on in the surroundings. Psychometry is about picking up information on people through articles they've worn or carried about on their person and the information can be quite accurate.  

When the body dies, the person departs--or hangs around the body for a few days before “returning home” or wandering around to visit with friends and family. This is allowed by those who monitor the incarnational cycles and even facilitated as the deceased person desires. 

There is much more information available on the Internet and in books on the subject of “ghosts.”

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