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Saturday, December 14, 2013


December 14, 2013

We (the Angel-Light Team) do address specific disease conditions as a part of our ministry, but never do we recommend an individual discontinue allopathic medical treatment and recommend the individual consult with a medical doctor for assistance. Spiritual and metaphysical methods of healing can complement allopathic medical care. Evidence abounds if you do an Internet search for success stories or take the time to read books on the subject.

The first step we take when investigating disease is to find at what levels it is located. We usually know it is at the physical level (unless it is mental illness). But is it also at the etheric, astral, mental, causal, spiritual, or divine levels?

And then we look at possible causes, including:  agreements, belief systems, the life plan, foreign energy, consciousness, energy viruses or parasites, implants, programs and encodements, genetics, other soul lives, attached spirits, other people’s stuff, dark arts (curses, spells, etc.), manipulation by negative aliens.

There are differences among dis-eases, of course, but there are some basic actions we take when addressing an individual’s dis-ease (as allowed by the oversoul).  For example, we go to the inception point of the dis-ease and unwind the genetic miasms and clear and dissolve the cellular imprints of the dis-ease.  We deactivate, disable, delete, disengage, dismantle, and destroy frequencies, energies, entities, imprints, implants (including time shifted),  programs, encodements, and templates of the dis-ease in the consciousness and energy space.  We deactivate and destroy energy entities and thought form entities in the space of the person that are carrying and causing the dis-ease. We dismiss and disengage lifestreams grounded, downloaded, and extended into the person that are causing and carrying the dis-ease. We neutralize negative prayers, curses, spells, oaths, enchantments, and similar creations of those who engage in the dark arts that are causing the dis-ease. We cancel, negative, and void all dis-ease-causing manipulations of the person by life forms with negative agendas targeting person. We eradicate the dis-ease from the consciousness and energies of the person and the soul group and oversoul group. The link of time it takes to do all this and everything else we do for the individual depends on how pervasive the disease is.

Again, we don’t recommend one avoid allopathic medicine in favor of spiritual and metaphysical healing—or naturopathic healing of any kind, for that matter.  All can work together for the healing and overall wellbeing.

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