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Friday, December 27, 2013


December 27, 2013

A Facebook friend shared today that he/she has been having difficulty because negative thoughts were running through the mind every waking minute and said that suggestions on how to get rid of the “pesky thoughts” would be appreciated.  I responded:

If you “get rid” of them, they’ll return unless you replace them with other thoughts—a positive affirmation, for example. Can’t leave space for them to return! Just replacing them with, “I Am [your name] I Am That I Am,” repeated over and over, can work wonders. Or you can sing a song in your mind. One of my favorites is by Chris Spheeris: “I’ve come down here to love. I’ve come to share the light. I’ve come to fill the shadows in the corners of the night. And it’s the only reason I can think of. I know that I have come down here to love.”  The children’s song, “This Little Light of Mine,” is a good one, too.  Positive, upbeat songs. Also, simply repeating “Quiet Mind” over and over slowly, entrained with your breath, is a good method. Keep it up no matter how long it takes—hours, days, whatever. Repetition is important.

I’ll share more here: Mental viruses and/or mental parasites are usually the culprits with such symptoms as reported. Yes, there are such things. And, yes, terminating and eliminating them does make a difference.

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