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Sunday, December 29, 2013


December 29, 2013

I shared the blog of December 27, 2013 titled, “Mind Clearing” in three of my Yahoo groups. One person responded with the following suggestion that perhaps one or more readers will find useful:  Entities not from the light can also feed negative thoughts. Here is a simple way I clear them, in case anyone wants to use it, or your variation: “Dear Divine Presence Thank you that the long arm of the Christed energies is clearing me and my environment of all negative entities, energies, and thought forms.”

My response: Definitely!  Some are referred to as "talker stalkers" because they seem to be on assignment specifically to target an individual. The average person doesn't recognize or realize that lower astral negative entities can be responsible for many issues--even diagnosed cases of Disassociative Identity Disorder aka Multiple Personality Disorder--in whole or in part. Obviously, you do.

People who have issues (whether physical, emotional, mental, personality, environmental, or whatever) would do well to consider the possibility or even probability that spiritual and energy clearing/healing can and do achieve results. We have other tips for resolving the issue of negative thoughts in handout form available for ministry supporters.

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