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Monday, December 23, 2013


December 23, 2013

I found the following information about brain wave frequencies among my documents, but I don’t know if I gathered it from one source or several.

Lambda:  200 cycles per second (associated with higher states of self-awareness that allow conscious access to superior levels of information and insight, psychic abilities, and out-of-body experiences).  

Hyper Gamma:  100 cycles per second (associated with higher states of self-awareness that allow conscious access to superior levels of information and insight, psychic abilities, and out-of-body experiences).  

Gamma:  Gamma:  40 cycles per second (serve as harmonizing frequency through which the observations of any objects size, color, texture, function, etc. are stored, perceived, and processed by different parts of the brain; thought to be associated with the brain function that creates a holographic synthesis of data stored in various areas of the brain to fuse them together into a higher perspective).

Beta:  13-30 cycles per second (conscious attention, critical, anxious).

Alpha:  8-13 cycles per second (relaxation, non-focused attention).

Theta:  4-7 cycles per second (shaman brainwaves; deep meditation, good memory, facile learning).

Delta: .5-4 cycles per second (sleep, oceanic feeling).

Epsilon: 0.5 cycles per second (associated with higher states of self-awareness that allow conscious access to superior levels of information and insight, psychic abilities, and out-of-body experiences).  

A supporter recently gifted me with two CDs from my Amazon wish lists: Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s “Theta Meditation System” and “Theta Meditation System 2.0.” How wonderful!  I’ve practiced seated meditation for almost thirty years. Some days there was no intentional meditation at all, and other days there were meditations of an hour or two, with most days something in between.  Some days, meditation has been facilitated by relaxation music—most not specifically created for purposes of lowering brain waves for meditation, and most have been without music. Meditating at the current location has been a challenge, so I added these CDs to my Amazon music wish list.

The subtitles for “Theta Meditation System” are: let go of stress, renew your spirit, gain insight and intuition. The subtitles for “Theta Meditation System 2.0” are: open to higher insight, experience deep meditation, discover the source of healing.   Neither has subliminals, and each runs for one hour.  According to the covers: Dr. Thompson’s theta meditation system is based on over 15 years of clinical research. More than ten million Americans practice meditation regularly. They experience stress, lowered blood pressure, enhanced immune function, greater contentment, insight, and a more positive outlook. Researchers studying brainwaves and states of consciousness have measured increased levels of theta brainwaves during meditation. There is a booklet which explains easy-to-use meditation exercises that a beginner can do anytime and provides other information.  Pulses of sound are embedded in the musical soundtrack that activate people’s theta brainwaves, which can lead you easily into restful and rejuvenating meditative states.

I played each of the CDs on different days while seated for meditation and today I played them both—one immediately after the other.  To say I am impressed would be an understatement!  When I meditate, which I begai with deep abdominal breathing, I witness what appears on my mind screen. Most meditators typically see shades of blue and then indigo, and those with more experience will often see violet and deep, bright purple.  Saw purple during some of my meditation time today. Many times I can focus on a plain white wall of my home and see violet and purple that is pulsing from the third eye. I also experience the pulsing during closed eye meditations.  Actually, there have been times over the years when I am on my feet and interacting with people with eyes open and my “headlight” active, with violet and purple light filling my mind screen. Many people can close their eyes without intention of meditation and see a blue or purple dot of various sizes on their mind screens. Try it sometime in various locations. Don’t strain or overly focus. Meditation is for purposes of self-actualization, ascension of consciousness, relaxation, etc.—not to experience phenomena.  However, when one is in a deeply relaxed state of consciousness, one can ask to be shown this, that, or the other on the mind screen. I’ve been shown other soul lives, symbols, words, and more in response to questions. And one can receive thought answers and guidance in the mind more easily when in deep meditation as well.

Prayer is talking to God/Divine.  Meditation is listening to God/Divine. If you haven’t practiced meditation heretofore, ease into meditation and enjoy the benefits.  Over time, going into deeper levels of consciousness for meditation will become easier.

May all be well with you. May there be plenty for you.

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