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Friday, December 13, 2013


December 13, 2013

I saw the word “tulpas” in one of the ezines I receive recently. Since I didn’t remember ever seeing that word, I searched the Internet for more information. My first choice of the links that came up was www.wikipedia.org.  Then I read an article by someone tutoring how to create a tulpa entity before reading of negative experiences a man had after creating and communicating with a tulpa entity.  Whew!

Here are three short definitions of tulpas:  thought forms that can be conjured into existence and are sometimes of a negative nature; magic formations generated by a powerful concentration of thought;  materialized thoughts that have taken physical form and are  usually regarded as synonymous to a thought form.

Based on my knowledge, thought form entities can be created with conscious intent but can also be created unintentionally (although the former are usually more powerful because one continues to communicate with them or even directly give them instructions to harm or help others).   Even creating thought form entities with positive, beneficial intent can backfire on their creators, so we do not recommend endeavoring to do so. This article is presented for informational purposes.

P.S.  People with the knowledge and skill can create energy entities, also referred to robotic entities.  The means to do so is different than the method used to create thought form entities/tulpas.

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