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Sunday, December 22, 2013


December 22, 2013

“Divine Revelation” by Susan G. Shumsky, published in 1996, has been the book I most recommend for spiritual and metaphysical seekers for about fifteen years now.  Susan’s words about “Christ” are among the best I’ve come across.  I will excerpt from Chapter 5, “Discovering Who You Really Are,” in this article.

Susan:  When defining the Christ Self, it is important to realize that in this context the name “Christ” is not synonymous solely with Jesus. Here the word “Christ” means a universal level of consciousness not bound by any particular religious tradition. The “Christ self” is a level of inner identity within people of all backgrounds. The word “Christ” comes from the Greek word “Christos,” meaning “the anointed.”  After Jesus’s death, he was given the title “Jesus the Christ” out of adoration and respect.

She continues: Your “Christ self” is your inner Christ, the “anointed one” who lives in Spirit within you. The Christ within you, known as your “Christ consciousness,” expresses the most ideal qualities of human life. . . . Your Christ self expresses through direct knowing [claircognizance].  It is both individual and universal, so it assists both you and all of your life. The experience of the Christ self is comfort, love, peace, and joy, and it brings teaching and lifting of consciousness. . . . You probably have several Christ selves . . . . Your Christ selves may appear male or female, depending on which is more appropriate for a particular area of learning. Your Christ selves may work with you and others at the same time or different times. Your Christ self body may be seen above your head as a divine protector. Many people who see the Christ body perceive it as a guardian angel or a celestial being. However, it is an aspect of your higher self, rather than a power outside yourself. . . .

If you use the search mechanism on this site and enter “Divine Revelation,” you will find a review (of sorts) of “Divine Revelation.”  Read it—and then gift yourself with this easy-to-read and understand, 286-page handbook.

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