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Saturday, December 21, 2013


December 21, 2013

I have a recommended reading list I share with people. The #1 recommendation is Susan Shumsky’s 1986 book, “Divine Revelation.”  Because I emphasize the “I Am” a lot, I want to excerpt from Chapter 5, “Discovering Who You Really Are,” because it will assist in one’s understanding.

Susan: Your “I AM” Self is the most basic component of your individuality. “I AM” or “I exist” is the most fundamental characteristic of self, yet it has no particular uniqueness in itself. It is the most abstract part of yourself as an individual.  Universal consciousness, the impersonal God, manifests as individual consciousness in order to communicate or express through human beings. Your “I AM” is an individualization of the universal God.  The “I AM” self knows all through direct revelation and is universal wisdom, love, and truth made manifest. The purpose of the “I AM” self is to fulfill God’s purpose through you as an individual. The inner experience of the “I AM” is power, wisdom, and beingness.  The embodiment of your “I AM” self is the “I AM” body. It usually appears in both male and female form and has two names, male and female.  The “I AM” self can be in many places at one time, working with many different people.

Explore Susan Shumsky’s web site: www.energeticawakening.org and find what resonates for you.

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