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Friday, January 24, 2014


January 24, 2014

Recently saw the January newsletter of a long-time spiritual healer who takes issue (in the recent newsletter and newsletters of the past) with other healers (in general, without names)—information they provide and how they go about their work.  The person who puts out the newsletter seems to be out of sync with everyone else (although surely there must be other healers who agree with him/her—other than those he/she has trained).  When so very many of us are “on the same page” about this, that, and the other (including mental health professionals who expanded into spiritual healing and published books on the subject), what does that make the person who advises that we have it wrong?  This person has repeatedly stated/written that we shouldn’t be providing negative information [his/her term] to people who come to us for assistance [for example, specific info about implants and other contaminants]  and that we are advising those who come to us for assistance wrongly.  To be fair, this person who disagrees with so many of us who are assisting others and getting results takes issue with us in a civil, polite manner in his/her newsletters.

In the recent newsletter, he/she writes that when one reaches out to others for help, assistance, and guidance, what one often gets in return is fear, judgment, and negative information, and advises his/her readers to discern whether the advice of others is harmful or helpful because in some cases  the information is not just hurtful, but is also destructive, old, and chaotic.  Well, I agree that no doubt there are healers assisting others who don’t try to soften information that may be providing too much for someone to handle without getting into big-time fear, but there are others who make every effort not to do so and even withhold information. However, sometimes we have to “call a spade a spade” because a person needs to be told what he/she is dealing with. The person who puts out the newsletter I read asks, “How does giving out fearful information ever help? How does wrong information possibly help anyone?”  Wrong in whose  opinion?  His/Her opinion!  Is it better that people continue to suffer and live less-than-optimal lives than to know what is going on?  Far better be it, in my opinion, to know than to remain in ignorance.  There are many competent healers assisting others who miss contaminants/negative influences or read the person they are assisting wrong in one way or another.  We all make mistakes or miss the mark from time to time—including the healer whose newsletter I read (and I know that from personal experience and experience of some others).

Moving on:  I shared in an article earlier this month that I have been holding back and not sharing my full reality on my site (for several reasons, including not wanting to put people into fear), and close friends who have known me for a long time recognize that  I’ve been holding back.  I had been wrestling for some time as to whether or not I should be more generous with information because I have a strong sense that it’s time for more of humanity to wake up to what is really going on at 3D level of our planet, and I’ve noticed via Internet and the media that more people do seem to be finding common ground as they gain more knowledge. As recent blogs indicate, I’ve decided to be a little more open with my knowledge while at the same time limiting my sharing on the site to subjects that relate to healing and wellbeing.   Let us not forget that it is normal for a little fear to come up when one is presented with new information. It is our humanness.

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