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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


February 17, 2014

A Facebook friend has shared for several months now about his/her inability to move on from a romance that didn’t develop into a relationship—in depth. There have been other goings on in his/her life that are related, of course. As I recall, he/she has sought the assistance of mental health professionals from time to time—mostly talk therapy. I’ve had the thought that this person revealing so much on a public forum could be beneficial to others with some of the same or similar issues. Several FB friends have praised his/her willingness to share personally and made suggestions in attempts to assist. However, recently, our troubled friend shared that he/she no longer believes there is any divine support, connection, or guidance and has decided to make decisions based on experience rather than belief.

Usually, there is no magic wand one can wave to make depression disappear (although certain psychiatric medications have worked miracles for so many people—some almost immediately). If one chooses not to go that route, there are other options.  I asked the FB friend in a comment: “How about exploring a little nutritional help--foods that help clear the mind, lift the mood, etc.?  This in no way invalidates your thoughts and feelings but assists with improvement of overall wellbeing. There's info available on the Internet. Body, mind, and spirit (soul) are all intertwined, and what affects one affects the others, and what heals one, heals the others.”

Many sources recommend Omega 3 fatty acids be added to the diet when one is prone to or suffering depression. They also help reduce inflammation. Some foods that are rich in Omega 3’s are walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds,and wild salmon.  As a vegetarian/vegan, I supplement with DEVA brand Vegan Omega-3 DHA from Algae—when funds are available, and do without otherwise.  My first recommendation to people who are depressed on a regular basis and won’t take prescription medications is to take an Omega 3 supplement.  Some depression (and related symptoms) is caused by low levels of serotonin (often caused by lack of sunlight).  One can find a wealth of information via the Internet from reputable sources. (What did we ever do without it?)

Here’s a breath technique to control and clear thoughts (which serves to balance the brain hemispheres):  Close the left nostril with your finger and inhale through the right nostril. Hold for a count of 8 and then exhale through the same (right) nostril.  Then close your right nostril with your finger and inhale through the left nostril. Hold for the count of 8 and then exhale through the same (left) nostril.  Repeat as many times and on as many occasions as you feel necessary.

Based on the most recent comments of the FB friend that he/she isn’t open to Divine guidance (no longer believes in it), making any such recommendations would fall on deaf ears (so to speak). So I also suggested affirmations/decrees. We can program our mind with words and breath used in combination. We have many processes in handout form that we share with ministry supporters that provide in-depth information for so doing. Breathe deeply with the entire trunk of the body. (If you are unable to do that, breath practice is recommended.)  State: “I Am [your name]. I Am That I Am.”  Then form an affirmation/decree with an action verb: I Am [action verb] ________ now.” (Always end with “now” or “on a full and permanent basis now.”)  I stepped out on a limb and suggested to the FB friend who no longer believes in Divine guidance: “I Am surrendering my life to my Divine and choosing to open and allow Divine Spirit to fill my person and take charge of my life now.”  As an alternative, I suggested substituting “surrendering” to “I Am opening and allowing.”  

When negative thoughts are dominating the mind, the words "neutralize" and "cancel" after each one are recommended. Over time, the negative thoughts lessen and become more manageable and sometimes totally disappear. And who doesn’t know that focused exercise of the body is great for alleviating depression?  How uplifting quiet walks in natural settings, walking barefoot on grass and soil, hugging trees, etc. can be!

We have shared many recommendations over the years on the ♥ Angel-Light Beamer ♥ site and share via emails and telephone and Skype consultations with people who support our ministry with donations.

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