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Monday, February 17, 2014


February 17, 2014

A Facebook friend posted:  Sometimes I wish I could decide what to feel (or not feel),  choose what to think (or not think), etc. I had a meditation teacher once say that the "monkey mind" does its thing without us, and we don't have control over where it chooses to go or what it does. I think that's right. Throughout my life I've struggled with the “monkey mind.”  [I’m] Trying to learn to tame it--to try and get it to be silent, or at least give periods of respite. I've tried. to get it to head in certain (positive) directions and tried to get it to avoid certain (negative) directions... but to no avail. It still goes where it wants to go.

If I had a nickel for every article I've read, or person who's shared ideas/thoughts with me on how to change this... on how to tame the mind... I'd be a rich woman. I guess I'd say that I know some friends who have peace and some who don't have much... and those with the articles/ideas aren't necessarily in the peaceful column.

My Thoughts: There are many, many wonderful ways to quiet the mind--temporary and long term. Nothing stays the same.  Used individually and in combination, they have been proven to work. The trick is to engage these procedures without attachment and while in witness mode--not in exasperation or determination. 

Mantras chanted silently or aloud can be helpful.  In a process handout we share with people who donate to the ministry, we recommend certain two words or words with two syllables in rhythm with breaths. One chants one word/syllable when inhaling slowly and another word/syllable when exhaling slowly, such as:  “at-ease” and “quiet mind.” 

The “Nothingness Breath” is beneficial. It is recommended as often as necessary (and sometimes people apply it several times daily in the beginning—less often over time): Open your mouth slightly. Press gently and smoothly inward on your abdomen with your palms.  Breathe out during a count to 6.  Hold for a count of 2.  Release smoothly and breathe in during a count to 6.  Hold for a count of 2. Repeat this whole process 3 times.  Drop your arms to your sides, and close your eyes if they are not already closed.  Let go of everything and enjoy the state of “nothingness” for about 5 minutes or the time that feels right for you.

Often quieting the mind is about integrating the personality. We all have sub-personalities (claimed by certain progressive mental health professionals who have done their research and applied their knowledge). Also, when the soul mind and body mind aren't significantly integrated, then the "monkey mind" can run rampant. When reading many case studies of people describing it under hypnosis, one recognizes that the merging/integration of the soul with the body brain has to be accomplished sufficiently to bring the body mind/personality/ego into alignment with the soul's goals for the incarnation.

Definitely the "monkey mind" is NOT to be fought--only acknowledged and integrated (even, in a sense, tamed), but not suppressed.

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