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Tuesday, February 04, 2014


February 4, 2014

A Facebook friend shared recently: Do you know that you don't have to be a Reiki person to be an Energy Healer? A fact is that when I became attuned my healing hands went away and I could not feel energy anymore. As I processed through the year-long process to become a Reiki Master, most of my abilities did come back, but I eventually had to remove the symbols as they were not for my highest good and since then my abilities have exploded.

Comment of a Facebook friend:  That's incredible!  Once you're in the flow, entering the stream, the synchronicity is expansive. As an energy healer, I've had only a limited "formal" education. I am self-taught; developed my own niche, including body, energy and intuitive readings. A major evolution has been in progress, through giving thousands of sessions, self-study, soaking up experiences with other practitioners; tapping the deep meditative space within; coming from positive intent and love ... integrating all of that with my practice. Some of us are born with a stronger natural gift for connecting to our higher nature, while others have to overcome more resistance and blocks. When I observe clients who have truly benefited from my work, I'm grateful and  blessed. It feeds the passion for helping others, Divine Inspiration and the motivation for reaching the greater heights of healing.

Angel-Light:  I have declined Reiki sessions over the years because I absolutely don’t want anyone installing symbols in my person.  We have found the Reiki symbols (and others of various types) on people’s soul cords—which is a corruption and contamination.  They link you up with others—both seen and unseen—and place you under their influence.  I  also have no formal/official training in energy healing but have engaged in a little research to learn more about the abilities with which I have been given.  As an Instrument of Divine, the Healing Love Energy flows through my person—not from my person. I was given to call it Healing Love Energy in the early 1990s, although I had been channeling it for several years prior.

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