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Monday, February 17, 2014


February 17, 2014
People, we are souls dwelling in human body-mind units. You can choose to believe otherwise, but there is much in the way of evidence that has been published in printed form and on the Internet by reputable sources (and others, for that matter).
The creators form souls. Souls once formed can be reconstituted (formed again in a different way) and refurbished (repaired or improvements made). Evidence for these can also be found (reported and described by various sources).  Souls can also be merged, and souls can be transferred.  I find the subject of soul dynamics fascinating. 
One person whose information I respect is John Hornecker ( www.earthscape.net ). From the site: John Hornecker. He has been a teacher, writer and workshop leader in the field of spirituality and metaphysical sciences for the past 40 years. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, and worked for 30 years as a mid-level executive in the telecommunications industry. His "spiritual awakening" began in the late 1960's, and in 1972, he underwent a "soul transfer" -- more commonly known as a "walk-in" experience. A second phase of that experience occurred in 1992. He has traveled extensively throughout the world, working with the planetary energy field, and networking with other Lightworkers.
In an article at www.earthscape.net, John Hornecker combines basic information in one document (“Soul and Oversoul”) and expands upon the basics to provide the reader with better understanding. From the intro: Whereas our Higher Self is the individualized essence of our Creator, and remains in a state of perfection, our soul and oversoul represent our cumulative life experiences. . . . What is the difference between our soul and our oversoul? Sometimes the analogy of a human hand is used to describe the relationship between the two. The fleshy part of the hand would represent the oversoul, while a soul would be represented by one of the fingers. This obviously implies that there is more than one soul that is associated with a particular oversoul. . . . The oversoul itself does not enter into physical embodiment . . . it always remains within the higher realms so that it can oversee and guide the collective experience. The realm in which the oversoul resides is the “Eternal Now”, which is outside of the time-space domain. So the individual soul units can, and often do, extend into embodiments that are in different time periods, as we experience time here on Earth.
In a section titled “Parallel Experiences”:  Each soul of the cluster has ongoing roles and responsibilities within the non-physical realms, whether or not it is currently involved with a physical embodiment. . . . The body in which a soul functions within the non-physical realms is sometimes referred to as a “Light body” or “traveling body”. Even while the human body is awake, the soul continues to monitor what is going on within the higher realms, and sometimes it needs to partially withdraw its focus on the human self to carry out responsibilities within the non-physical realms.
In a section titled “Functioning as a Collective”:  It is also possible for more than one of the souls of an oversoul cluster to extend into the same embodiment. . . . Since each soul unit has its own history, and therefore its own unique characteristics, such a consolidation can be a very „interesting‟ experience. The embodiment functions more as a “collective”, with different souls of the group moving into the forefront at different times. . . .
In a section titled” “Non-Human Soul Histories”: To complicate matters further, virtually all of us have had past embodiments in forms other than human. Those embodiments may have been here on Earth, or perhaps in other celestial systems. . . .That experience is, of course, retained on the memory of the soul and oversoul. . . . Also, many souls have had experiences within the angelic kingdom, and tend to carry the angelic consciousness with them in their current human form. . . . In the celestial systems throughout the Universe, there is a virtually infinite number of different body forms into which souls may incarnate. . . .  If one’s soul has a long history in other than humanoid forms, it is not uncommon in the early moments of awakening from sleep to feel a bit strange being in a human body.
In a section titled “Soul Transfers (Walk-Ins)":  A “walk-in” . . . is a situation in which the soul that has been associated with an embodiment since birth agrees to leave the body and make it available to be embodied by a different soul. . . .  And since the incoming soul inherits the memory of the body that it comes into, the human self is usually not aware, at least initially, that a soul transfer has taken place. What are the advantages for a soul to come in as a walk-in rather than through the natural birth process? Assuming that the soul transfer takes place in mid-life, the incoming soul can focus on its mission and purpose much more quickly, without having to go through the stages of infancy and growing up years. The risks are that it is all too easy to become entrapped in personality patterns that are already well established--patterns that may not be supportive to the life plan of incoming soul.
In a section titled “Soul Braiding”:   Soul “braiding” is a term used to describe a process whereby a new soul merges into an existing embodiment, but the original birth soul does not leave. It is similar to the process described earlier in which more than one soul of an oversoul cluster enter into the same embodiment. Soul braiding, however, can also involve the merging in of a soul from a different soul cluster. In this sense, it becomes more like a “hybrid”. Also, soul braiding sometimes involves a more temporary situation, whereby a new soul merges in for a period of time, and then later withdraws. . . . . Another example would be a situation in which a soul with special talents and abilities may want to come into an embodiment for a year or two to carry out a special mission.
Obviously, where there are ellipses, I have deleted other information in the article.  If you’re appreciated this blog article, you’ll want to go to John Hornecker’s site ( www.earthscape.net ), find the article and read, and then read some more articles.
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