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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


February 25, 2014

Recently read someone’s question and the response of a healer/teacher.  The questioner was concerned with his/her body shaking when awakening from sleep and wondered if he/she was leaving her body while it was sleeping or if something else was going on.  Some other people reported experiencing the same or similar experience. The healer/teacher’s response was that one of the person’s soul facets was entering after being out while the body slept and reassured that there was no danger.

I was aware that we often go out and about when the body is sleeping but hadn’t thought much about it with respect to soul facets. Of course!  I’m thinking about it now.  We’ve written about soul dynamics and soul facets several times on this site over the years.  If the reader uses the search mechanism on the upper left side to search for the word “soul,“ “soul fragments,”  “soul facets,” and “oversoul,”  there should be many articles pulled up—a few at a time. The most recent reflect my most current reality.

For those who don’t want to spend the time reading prior articles, we’ll provide some information here.  It may help the understanding to consider that it is souls of the oversoul group entering and leaving the body rather than individual soul facets. It is not uncommon for a human body-mind unit to host more than one soul of an oversoul group.  Of all souled humans (about 80% of human body-mind units), about 75% are hosting more than one soul of an oversoul group.  I realize that I (and others, for that matter) have referred to the oversoul (which remains at home while its extensions incarnate) as the soul and the souls of the group as Divine soul extensions, and that’s fine.   Souls aka Divine soul extensions can split for optimal experiencing and reside in different bodies—usually no more than four bodies at one time, or they can unite in one or more bodies. These can be called facets and fragments. We use all these terms in the articles on this site.

To quote from a previous article: Many people can accept that soul facets of deceased loved ones can be with them (and even desire it). However, what many people don’t realize is that facets of living people can be hanging out in one’s energy. Facets can communicate with you, of course. Some facets come and go; others are determined to remain. I experience the coming and going a lot because of people needing healing assistance or guidance. However, I also have experienced facets of people who want to tap into my power and learn from me.

When foreign soul facets attach or piggyback or hitchhike, there is a problem.  They can cause physical pain and discomfort, obesity, disease, mental confusion, etc.  And they can interfere in one’s relationships. It’s not a good idea to have soul facets of others in your energy—or any of your facets in the energy of others--on a long-term basis.

Again, a body can live without a soul, and a body can live with several souls in residence—normally all of the same oversoul/soul group.  The soul facets enter and leave through the crown chakra at the top of the head of the human body, and the head and neck can be felt vibrating or shaking when this happens. Soul facets of other people can also be entering and leaving a body. This can be by agreement—or not (usually the latter).  We refer to them as foreign soul facets when facilitating the healing and wellbeing of others.  Some soul facets embodied may not agree with other soul facets and will sometimes leave the body to venture out and about. As the healer/teacher mentioned in our opening paragraph reported, when a soul facet leaves and returns, the body often shakes or vibrates.

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