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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


March 25, 2014

Had a soul healing experience yesterday.  I was reading a Facebook friend's e-book in which she shared a little process that she recommended to a group once--about going to one's Council of Elders.  I've always used the term Council of Light, but since I've noticed several people using Council of Elders, I might begin using that instead. Just Council is good enough, actually.  I hadn't been to Council in a while (at least not that I remember—although we don’t remember everything that goes on when the body sleeps).   I revised the process of the friend some before getting started.

With eyes closed, I imagined a ball of golden white light at chest level near my body and then a door into the ball of light.  I went in to meet the one who would guide/escort me to the Council.  I was looking for someone in human form and didn't see anything definite, so I asked the name of my escort, and began seeing letters: C-H-E-R.   At that point, I sort of laughed and asked if Cher was going to escort me (not that I really believed that).   And then "cherub" came into my mind. Glanced quickly up and saw an excited cherub, and we proceeded along a wide garden pathway to a golden pyramid up ahead. As we neared the door, a male beloved friend I recognized (not someone incarnated here with that appearance)  met us, kissed me on the cheek, and escorted me in.  The Council was seating at a t-shaped table--across the horizontal part.  We sat at the vertical part.  I had  their attention, and I expressed some concerns and asked for assistance. The next thing I remember is my friend escorting me out of the pyramid and part of the way back down the path.  And I returned to this body--feeling so well—what I like to call my “angel self.”  (Our soul selves are multi-faceted.)  Yes, obviously, I received some healing, compliments of my Council (and I've had a soul memory for a long time of actually being a Council member). I've been able to better differentiate my own Soul Self from my body-mind unit (aka person) since the healing.  I feel so much more what I like to call my "Angel Self."  May it last!!! 

Dear Ones, too often we become so engrossed in the activities and trials and travails of the body that we neglect our own soul selves.  In my case, I tend to want to overly focus on the ministry/angelic mission.   I intend to visit my Council more often.  If you want more information about visiting your Council, email me.

Enjoy, in joy, joyfully!
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