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Friday, March 21, 2014


March 21, 2014

I would think that almost every adult in developed countries around the world has at least heard or read or viewed movies and programs with the terms “devil,” “Satan,” “exorcism,” etc.  Often a big “to-do” is made about casting demons out of people, particularly with regards to religions. 

The word “demon” is from the Greek word “daemon,” which originally meant a spirit of any kind—some of which could be labeled “good” and some of which could be labeled “bad.” The online dictionary I use most often, www.merriamwebster.com, offers several definitions of demon:  an evil spirit;   a source or agent of evil, harm, distress, or ruin; something that causes a person to have a lot of trouble or unhappiness. I love to refer to the dictionary even when I already know what something means, and often find expanded definitions as a result of so doing. I like this definition of demon.

Using the word “demonics” in the spiritual healing aspect of our ministry covers several bases. It is a fallacy that all demonics/demons are to be dealt with in the same fashion (such as with a big, dramatic  “to-do”). However, some demonics we come across in the course of our ministry are more powerful and difficult to address. In such cases, we call upon the assistance of the high command.

Demonics can be possessing and using individuals (part time or full time) or just violating and/or abusing and/or attacking individuals (or a combination of all).  Many years ago, I came across a procedure for dealing with demonic energies in general. It was about commanding the disappearance and ceasing of the existence of all demonic energies in your space. I sometimes still use those words and sometimes similar words. It not only focuses on energetic constructs created by people with harmful intent who infuse the constructs with their own energies but also on “lightweight” demonic energies in general.

As long-term/regular readers and supporters may be aware, our Divine Reconnective Healing (DRH) Process is still developing and expanding—although it was officially created long ago. Currently, we include the following in the DRH Process (which covers over 400 items): the terminating of any and all infiltration and infestation of the person of [name of person], the consciousness of [name of person], and the home of [name of person] by demonics; the termination of any and all possession and control of the consciousness of [name of person] by demonics; the termination of any and all possession, occupation, and use of the body vehicle of [name of person] by demonics; and the elimination of all demonics from the premises of [name of person].  Similarly, we also address the termination of any and all takeovers of the person and the consciousness of [name of person] by undesirable outside influences and the elimination of these from the premises of [name of person]. There are a few finalizing steps we take in addition to what is described here, of course.

A word of caution: Refrain from judgment that a person is “possessed” by demons because it might be that the person is being violated, abused, and attacked by demons. Throughout history,  judgment of self-righteous people has gotten a lot of innocents burned at the stake and killed, and cost people their families, their homes, and their livelihoods.  Think and think again.

We are the Angel-Light Team. Our purpose/mission is to facilitate the liberation, healing, wellbeing, enlightenment, and ascension of people around the world who are drawn to our ministry. All who support our ministry with donations are specifically blessed.

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