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Monday, March 31, 2014


March 31, 2014

I appreciate how I’m often guided to information that provides more clarity. It happened again recently, when I picked up Barbara Brennan’s first book, “Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field,” published in 1987 and in my collection since the early 1990s. I was attracted to it in a bookstore and exclaimed, “That’s what I do! I’m putting that book on my wish list!” A friend overheard and purchased it for me right then and there. I’m not proud to report that I’ve not studied the entire book and have just read parts here and there.  I’ve read a little more of Barbara’s second book, “Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing,” published in 1993, which I picked up at a used book store several years back.  Personally, I think the second book should have been her first (because it is more basic and less technical), and I recommend obtaining it first.

Actually, I don’t facilitate healing in the exact fashion as Barbara Brennan. The healing I facilitate is often accomplished through my instrument—not by my instrument (but not always), and by the other members of the Angel-Light Team at my direction. I resonate with the label “An Instrument of Divine.”  I consider Barbara a master energy healer. According to www.wikipedia.org: Barbara Ann Brennan is an American author, physicist, spiritual healer, businesswoman, and teacher working in the field of energy healing. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics in 1962 and two years later a Masters in Atmospheric Physics—both from the  University of Wisconsin—MadIson.  She spent years working in her field before undergoing several years of study and training and beginning her private healing practice.  She closed her private practice in 1982 and established the Barbara Brennan School of Healing to train professional healers. I provide all this information to emphasize that if you’re looking for “technical” and detailed information on energy healing, get Barbara Brennan’s books. In my opinion, if it is in Barbara’s reality, it must be true and accurate.

The information I came across recently that provided clarity was about our causal body aka ketheric template. Before sharing that, I want to share basics from Barbara’s information about our light bodies aka auric field. Our physical body is supported by seven light bodies (aka our auric field): three considered physical level, and four considered spiritual level. Barbara has actually seen all these bodies in many people over the years, and she provides more information in her books than what I’ll share here.  

First we have the physical body. The light bodies overlay the physical body and penetrate each other. One can consider them to be overtones of the physical body.  The etheric body extends from about one-fourth inch to two inches beyond and anchors the physical body. It is web like, appearing as an energy matrix with lines of force. It is light blue to gray in color and pulses. Next is the emotional body, which extends from about one inch to three inches beyond the physical body. It shows up as colored clouds of fine substance (different colors of the rainbow) and is in continuous fluid motion.  The mental body extends from three inches to eight inches beyond the physical body and is bright yellow in color.  

Beyond this, the visible light bodies are considered spiritual level.  The astral body extends from six inches to twelve inches beyond the physical body. There are clouds of beautiful colors with a rose colored background.  The etheric template body extends from one and one-half to two feet beyond the physical body. It is the blueprint for the etheric body of the physical level and holds the space for the etheric body. It shows up as dark blue.  The celestial body is the emotional body of the spiritual levels, extending from two feet to two and three-fourths feet beyond the physical body. Its gold and silver opalescent colors glow like a candle, with some brighter beams of light visible.  The causal body aka ketheric template extends from two and one-half to three and one-half feet beyond the physical body.  Its outer form is the egg shape of the auric body (aka auric egg), and it encompasses the physical body and contains all the bodies of the current incarnation and the main power current that runs up and down the spine.  It is seen as gold and silver light and contains a golden grid structure. It is the strongest, most resilient level of all the light bodies and protects the auric field [emphasis added].  And there you have it!  The integrity of the causal body aka ketheric template is to be a priority because it protects the auric field! Believe it or not, I hadn’t realized that (or been informed of that) heretofore!

Out of curiosity, I checked the integrity of the causal bodies of people on the current list and a few others and conferenced with my team. It’s a very small sample and not scientific, of course, but there seems to be no correlation between young age and high integrity of the causal body.  I had read several times over the years (and been informed by team members) that frequent and/or heavy use of hallucinogens can damage the auric field, so I intentionally checked a few people who have done so, and the integrity of their causal bodies seems to confirm that.  People of all ages can have damage to their causal bodies—even young children. However, because the causal body is quite resilient, damage can heal over time. No one on the list of about 35 people has a causal body with 100% integrity, and people who have undergone psychic attack and abuse in recent years have causal bodies that have suffered damage and need repair. We the Angel-Light Team cannot renew (make perfect) the causal body, but we can restore the causal body (and auric field) significantly in many cases. This is one of several issues we’ve been addressing for ministry supporters this year.

We are the Angel-Light Team. Our purpose/mission is to facilitate the liberation, healing, wellbeing, enlightenment, and ascension of people around the world who are drawn to our ministry. All who support our ministry with donations are specifically blessed.

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