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Wednesday, March 05, 2014


March 5, 2014

My reason for becoming vegetarian in the 1980s was spiritual in nature. After awakening in this body-mind unit and spending a lot of time in prayer and meditation--asking to be used for the benefit of humanity, I developed an aversion to eating meat. Fish flesh was the last I stopped eating—not because some spiritual teacher told me that I had to give it up, but because I no longer wanted it. Once a visitor to the family home wanted to cook a meal to show off her cooking skills and proceeded to make fried chicken.  I wondered in my mind if I should nibble on a piece to be polite.  I was alone in the den when it seemed a voice came at me from every direction with the words, “Thou shalt not eat flesh!”  Got the message!  It wasn’t long until I developed an aversion to smelling and seeing raw meat in grocery stores.

During the time I was still eating some meat from time to time, I developed sharp pains in the muscles and visited a medical doctor for assistance.  He called it “fibrocytis” or something like that and prescribed a medication.  I mentioned that to two elderly neighbors who urged me not to fill that prescription and loaned me two books on vegetarianism and health.   Divine intervention, no doubt!  After totally ceasing the eating of meat, the pains stopped. So being vegetarian also became a health issue for me. (An aside: During the last year, I’ve noticed that research has shown that some people are allergic to eating meat and develop symptoms similar to mine, but the symptoms of these people subside when they stop eating it.  I don’t think I was normally allergic, but something was indeed going on.)

After I stopped eating meat, during the 1980s, my prayers were answered, and I was chosen to be a unit of what I have been calling “the Angel-Light Team” for years now. It was made clear that one of the conditions for this teamwork was that I not eat meat.  I came to realize that both my consciousness and vibration became higher as more time passed with no consumption of meat. (It is true that there are many other activities and situations that can lower one’s vibration. I just did not engage in them and wasn’t exposed to them—rarely, anyway. For example, we didn’t have cell phones and weren’t bombarded with electronic signals in suburbs at that time. You received television channels the now old-fashioned way and computers with wifi weren’t in many households.)

A funny (now but not then) thing happened when I was invited to lunch by a friend during the 1980s after I had been vegetarian for a couple years.  I ordered some side dishes and began eating.  After I took my first bite of “red beans and rice” the body rejected it.  Just wouldn’t go down the esophagus.  Believe it or not, I didn’t know that “red beans and rice” was a meat dish. The friend informed me after the fact. She hadn’t wanted to say anything when I ordered and just thought I wanted to eat meat for a change. I finally managed to get the bite down, but I felt sickly for hours.   

As I was enlightened and awakened to the suffering of animals in factory farms, I also was a vegetarian for that reason and became 99% vegan, meaning I also don’t eat dairy products or eggs.  I’m not rigidly vegan, but eggs in any form are out of the question. It brings up nausea to smell them cooking or see them raw. Had stopped eating eggs, except those that might be in cakes, etc., before I became 99% vegan.  By 99%, I mean I recognize that dairy products show up in foods, and I eat them (albeit not often).

There are researchers who have published information claiming that certain blood types are more suited to certain foods.  My blood type is what they call the type of “the original vegetarians,” which means my body is more suited to eating herbs and legumes than meats.

Human bodies are mammal bodies.  Research and read if you doubt it. I would be so happy if human mammals would leave off the eating of other mammals and consume the meat of fowl and fish instead.  Ideally, people wouldn’t eat that flesh either, but it isn’t an ideal world and far too many people become vegetarians without researching what they can eat to get the nutrients their bodies require.  You don’t just stop eating meat with no plan made folks!

That’s my story. What works for me may not work for everyone else. If you want more information about the suffering of food animals and vegetarian nutrition and don’t know of a source, do Internet searches or email me for information.

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