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Saturday, April 12, 2014


April 12, 2014

A supporter whose home is out of the USA reported that he/she tried marijuana for the first time a few weeks ago by eating it baked into a brownie.  For hours, unpleasant memories of this life surfaced and also events and experiences that he/she didn’t recognize, and he/she could do nothing to stop the process. This person is spiritually attuned enough to recognize that this was a release—a huge release. He/She claims that won’t happen again despite feeling lighter and freer now.  Must have been a big brownie or a larger than usual portion of the herb became concentrated in the brownie consumed (and all I know about it is what I’ve read and heard).

I was curious as to how many blocks were released, so I asked the Team how many he/she had before eating the brownie and how many there are now.  The number was reduced from 27 to 2. Whew!  When we visited by Skype and discussed this process, he/she said he does not recommend anyone attempt to do a quick release in such a fashion. I totally agree!  He/She wondered why the release happened the way it did, and I speculated, but immediate guidance was, “It worked just fine!”  It was made clear to me that this person’s Council or Divine Support Team approved and initiated the “snack” and subsequent experience.

There are many layers to each person’s beingness and, thus, many layers to clear of blocks and contaminants. Thankfully, they usually are revealed a few at a time. And for healing facilitators, these are referred to by various names and are described differently. Spiritual/Energy clearing and healing is not a simple thing—not in the least.

I decided to check out the current list for generic energy blocks and added a few others. There were about 30 people on the list.  I know for a fact that two people on the list have devices implanted in their bodies by medical doctors, and they have 36 and 42 energy blocks. Not sure if any devices are implanted in others on the list.  Some of these have never undergone the Divine Reconnective Healing Process--which would have eliminated a number of the energy blocks (and new blocks do form over a lifetime).  The numbers found, in descending order were:  52, 47, 45, 42, 32, 32, 29, 27, 27, 26, 26, 21, 20, 19, 17, 16, 15, 12, 12, 11, 11, 10, 9, 9, 9, 8, 6, 6, 6, 6, 4, 2. So you see, the range is a big one. I’m fairly certain there are people with even more energy blocks than 52.  I seem to recall reading case studies were larger numbers were found. And it makes sense that certain diseases cause a lot of energy blocks.

I’m of the opinion that removing energy blocks is best done at a slow pace to avoid the stress and trauma experienced by the brownie eater I spoke with recently. However, there are obviously cases where it is considered better to do a quick release. When addressing the energy blocks of supporters (who have donated in the past six months and who have undergone the DRH Process at some point in the past at least once), we intend to proceed slowly and leave any changes to that agenda up to the Divine Support Teams of the individuals receiving assistance (and they do have veto rights  to anything we set out to do).

We are the Angel-Light Team. Our purpose/mission is to facilitate the liberation, healing, wellbeing, enlightenment, and ascension of people around the world who are drawn to our ministry. All who support our ministry with donations are specifically blessed.

If your wellbeing is a top priority, ask what the Angel-Light Team can do for you.

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