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Monday, April 14, 2014


April 14, 2014

In the April 14, 2014 edition of CoastZone (www.coasttocoastam.com), there is a recap of the latter half of that day’s program featuring, Dr. Andrew Silverman, an expert on the Shroud of Turin (alleged by some to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ).  However, Dr. Silverman doesn’t look at the shroud from a religious perspective; he attempts to understand the evidence that is on the cloth and all the empirical studies that have been done.  Findings of studies, according to Dr. Silverman, are consistent with the notion that there may have been a momentary flash of radiant energy from the body that was once wrapped in the shroud. He pointed out that if this was the means by which the image was created, based on the position of the body in the image, it would have actually been levitating at the time when the image occurred. It is the opinion of Dr. Silverman that “the Shroud image is neither a forgery nor a supernatural event, but rather a glimpse at the profound natural power of consciousness.”

When I was reading the full recap in CoastZone, I remembered receiving a newsletter from someone recently reporting that after she had new carpet installed in her home, she meditated flat on her back in the same place every day. Over time she noticed that the carpet was lighter in that place where her body touched the carpet; so, not wanting to fade the carpet more, she changed to another location.  After a time, the same thing happened. You could see the carpet was also lighter there where her body had touched it during meditation.
And that took me back to over twenty years ago when a charismatic, cosmic, wholistic man carrying Christ Michael the Archangel’s energy was a guest in my apartment for several months. He spent a lot of time sitting in one chair—a chair I didn’t use.  Draped over that chair was a piece of upholstery fabric. After he had moved on, two mutual friends sat in that chair at different times and remarked on what wonderful, high vibration energy that chair held. And that continued for several months.  Neither knew the man had sat in that chair much of the time when he was in my apartment. I dry cleaned the cloth after I moved on from that apartment, but I still have it. Comes in handy.

The first time I went to meet a person who needed someone to stay in her home and care for her cats, she gave me a tour, and I noticed a spot that held high vibration energy. She informed me that was the place where she sat on the floor and meditated.  I was in that home numerous times over several years and enjoyed being there. On the other hand, there are homes with pockets of disruptive or uncomfortable energy—or an overall unsettling aura. During the traveling angel years, I had to clear and bless a few homes before I could feel reasonably comfortable lodging in them temporarily, and some were quite a challenge.  One time a lady I had recently met begged me to stay with her in her big house for a while. I accepted, but had to leave the premises after a few hours because of its energy vibration—which was low and too dark. Was later told by a wholistic person who lived down the street that she and her friends considered that property off-limits because it was so dark (and I hadn’t even shared my sense of the place).
I could continue giving examples of these types of energy imprints, but these make my point. No explanation needed.

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