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Friday, April 04, 2014


April 4, 2014

Mary Summer Rain in “Whispered Wisdom” (a book of prose and beautiful scenes): "I wonder...if all mortals gave more than they received, If all mortals smiled more, offered more compassion and frequent Kindness in Word and in Deed...I wonder."

Until I read these words yesterday, it had been a long time since I’ve seen or heard people being referred to as “mortals.”  According to www.merriamwebster.com, a definition of mortal is “subject to death.”  The opposite of mortal, defined this way, is immortal, meaning “not capable of dying; living forever.”

Human body-mind units are mortal; souls being hosted by body-mind units are immortal. So, in a sense, those who claim there is no life after death are correct. Normally, there is no life after death for body-mind units  (although these have been reconstituted at the atomic level for further service). 

As far as souls are concerned, soul dynamics can’t be simply described, although many people (including my own self) attempt to do so. Souls are immortal—in various configurations. Souls emerge from their sources and begin living apart from their creators (a process that originated with Prime Creator). Souls can be reconstituted. Souls can be divided and united. Souls can be clustered to form conglomerates for specific purposes. A soul facet can visit with its Council of Elders (aka Board of Supervisors).  Soul facets can leave their host bodies to visit other bodies and even guide and assist other souls. In other words, a soul is not totally locked into one body-mind unit.   After death of their mortal bodies, fragments of souls continue to exist as their latest human persona until such time as they are called to do otherwise.   

On and on it goes--until the journey begins back to Source.

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