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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


April 16, 2014

Today I saw an image of several levels of the Guggenheim Museum with people on every level facing the camera.  I have never been to the Guggenheim, nor do I remember seeing an image of it before.  I was so struck by the resemblance to a place I have gone several times out of body for brief recharging and healing that I printed the image. The last time I remember was being on the first level, in the center, which was one open space. I and others stood in a line for these brief treatments, and I noticed the upper levels, circling the big room, with people interacting and some looking down at what was happening in the big room.

In a recent article titled, “Soul Genetics,” I shared another person’s blog and then added a recent experience of my own self before I went to sleep.  Within several hours after I posted the article, I was corrected. I had written that I went into MY shadow or darkness (which we all have).  It turns out I didn’t do that.  I had set my intent to go into THE darkness (not specifically my own) and share light and bring what I found into the light, and that is what I did. The correction makes sense since I couldn’t identify anything as specifically personal. (You can read details of that excursion in the article titled, “Soul Genetics.”) I intend to do more of that. From what I’ve been reading from other teachers/healers recently, many of us are being asked to do that during these times.

There have been many excursions over the years since I awakened in the 1980s, and I’ve written of a few in articles on this site.  No doubt I didn’t remember them all. One that stands out is a training session with two angels who demonstrated to me the difference between interfering and intervening.  We rescued a man who was being led blindfolded by two men with guns out of what seemed to be a hotel room.  We didn’t intervene in another situation (and I don’t remember the details at this time—wish I did).

There are times when I can no longer hold my eyes open—even as soon as a couple hours after I awaken from a good sleep.  When that happens, I have to make the body comfortable and safe and allow the eyes to close. I go out of body soon after; when I return, I’m usually alert immediately—not foggy brained and drowsy like when awakening from sleep.

These types of experiences are not unique to me. Perhaps, in retrospect, you can identify your similar out-of-body excursions.

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