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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


April 23, 2014

Pulled a book off my shelf the other day to open and read parts when I’m so inclined.  I do that with my books and quite often uncover some beneficial information that I had missed previously. Obtained “Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness” by Shakuntala Modi, M.D. (1997) a year or so ago.  I recommend this easy-to-read book with information from Dr. Modi’s psychiatric practice to both healing facilitators and persons with issues.  Many of the people whose cases are reported in the text used religious-type descriptions and words, which might be a turnoff to some people. However, being open to such descriptions can be beneficial.

I opened “Remarkable Healings” at random and saw a section on soul fragmentation earlier today. Most spiritual and metaphysical healing facilitators (including my own self) are familiar with the subject of soul fragmentation and soul loss, and healers approach soul retrieval in various ways. We the Angel-Light Team have mostly approached soul retrieval generally rather than specifically. For example, I hadn’t given a lot of thought to fragmentation that occurred in other soul lives and assume we have that covered in the process we employ for soul retrieval.  Also, I’ve known for some time that soul fragments of one person can be with another person—both willingly and unwillingly, and that has been covered in our process of soul retrieval.  (You can expect that a part of one’s soul is with another person if you have thoughts in your mind that seem to be a conversation—about locations and people you don’t know.  Sensitive people with normally quiet minds are more aware of this than average people with “busy” minds.) I’ve know all this for many years.

One piece of information I hadn’t given a lot of attention when reading in “Remarkable Healings” previously was that soul fragments can be found in the “possession” of “demons from hell”—because of the term “demons from hell.”  I just didn’t feel we needed to specify and address “demons from hell” in our soul retrievals.  “Demons from hell”  (and people who engage in the dark arts, for that matter) can do things to soul fragments in their possession that impact the whole soul and are even felt by the souls of sensitive people.  I could write a lot more of this subject. Let’s just report that many issues of people, including physical issues, are caused by soul fragments being in the possession of “demons from hell” and others and leave it at that.

Checking people on the current list and others added to make a list of thirty people was enlightening.  Almost no one has soul fragments in the possession of other people. This makes sense because many have undergone the Divine Reconnective Healing Process at least once over the years. [An aside: Decorruption, decontamination, etc. reoccurs by virtue of our living in the space-time/time-space, which is why undergoing the DRH Process a couple of times a year is beneficial.]   A few people on the list had soul loss occur in other lives as well as the present life with fragments still needing rescue, retrieval, etc.

I was amazed that twenty of the thirty people on the list have soul fragments in the possession of “demons from hell.”  And many of these have experienced the DRH Process! This indicates to me that we the Angel-Light Team need to address soul fragments in the custody of “demons from hell” separately.  Actually, I have been informed that we will ask Christ Michael the Archangel (under who we serve) to do this rather than expose ourselves to “demons from hell.”  We will be addressing this issue for current supporters in the coming weeks.

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