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Friday, April 25, 2014


April 25, 2014

We posted an article titled “Soul Fragments & Retrieval” on April 23, 2014. An individual concerned about soul loss suspected he/she was missing some soul essence and described symptoms of lack of energy and motivation, feeling as if he/she wasn’t all there, thoughts that didn’t seem to be his/hers, depression, feeling helpless, and more.  This person also wondered if certain people he/she had associated with in the past were at all responsible.  Because this individual had become slightly alarmed at his/her symptoms, we immediately began the process of rescuing and retrieving his/her soul fragments.  None were in the custody of “demons from hell” (as discussed in the aforementioned blog). However, this person’s suspicions were correct because we found a big portion of his/her soul in the possession of other people—one moreso than others. What’s more, we found some of that one person’s soul occupying his/her person!  This assistance of the Angel-Light Team was provided remotely. A few hours, later, the recipient reported he/she felt stronger and had more energy almost immediately, and gradually his/her mind became quieter, and there was a feeling of overall wellbeing.

Soul loss can be caused by soul stealing (as in the case of the person we recently assisted with soul retrieval). Soul stealing can be intentional--as with practitioners of the dark arts, but it can also be unintentional—when someone is obsessed with someone else or very much in love with someone and wanting to be with that person.  Years ago I read about several people who knew when their spouses died on September 11, 2001 because they felt something leaving them and/or no longer with them (and one actually saw something leaving his body and felt his wife no longer with him). Giving someone a piece of your soul is more common than the reader might expect—especially when two people are in love and/or very close.  When undergoing past life and life-between-life sessions, some people have reported to their facilitators that they left the body before the body actually died so as not to be severely traumatized by what was about to occur.  When one is violently abused or sexually abused, the abuser has often  taken a part of one’s soul (done by the entity behind the abuse). And what educated person hasn’t read or heard about soul fragmentation occurring during childhood because parts of the soul leave to escape abuse—both physical and sexual?  Many times when a person is in shock after trauma of some kind, parts of the soul are missing. In my opinion, military personnel who return from war zones would all benefit from soul retrieval.  Not all will be missing soul parts, but many will, and it is important to do so in case there is soul loss. Not only can personally experiencing traumatic events cause soul loss, but it can also be caused by just witnessing a traumatic event.  Parts of soul can leave during surgeries and even childbirth to escape the pain. This is by no means a complete summary of the causes of soul loss, but will provide a better understanding to those who aren’t very familiar with the subject.

People who have missing soul parts can at least part of the time feel helpless and hopeless and stuck and worn down from the stresses of life.  People with chronic fatigue syndrome or undiagnosed fatigue are likely missing soul parts as are some (but not all) people with addictions, such as to pornography or trashy romance novels, drugs, and alcohol. (Addictions can also be caused by attached spirits or carrying soul parts of others.)  Workaholics—people who bury themselves in their work—might be experiencing soul loss.   If one suffers from depression and/or worries a lot, that’s a good reason to look for missing soul parts.  When one is unable to forgive and move on, it’s time to check for missing soul parts. Some people report feeling incomplete and that part of them is missing. Obviously, that’s because there are missing soul parts. Feeling numb or disconnected from life and society in general can be a common symptom of soul loss. These same symptoms can occur if one has intentionally or unintentionally placed parts of one’s soul with another person.  Symptoms can be constant and continuous or just manifest from time to time.

Physical symptoms of soul loss are often diagnosed by medical doctors as psychosomatic.  It seems to me that all mental health practitioners need to learn about and practice soul retrieval because retrieving missing soul parts is a big part of resolving trauma and can shorten the length of time patients need care and lessen or eliminate return of mental health issues. 

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