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Saturday, April 19, 2014


April 19, 2014

A Facebook friend who lives in the midwestern part of the USA reported: “First night in this house, and I feel like I'm being watched. Just great. I’m so not in the mood for this interaction. All the weird noises in this house don’t make it any easier. Went out to the garage to get something, and I heard the strangest sound in my ears coming from who knows where--like a ringing in the ears mixed with a siren before a tornado goes off all at the same time.

One person mentioned a psychic attack he/she had experienced and suggested calling on Archangel Michael and his angels for protection.

Then the Facebook friend reported: “I am already feeling better.  Did call on Archangel Michael. Seemed like there was something in the upstairs loft area looking down at me. My mind's eye saw a Native American spirit. Not sure if it's friendly--or if there is anything to that flash in my head. Didn't feel like engaging, or going there (quite tired tonight). But once I did the Angel protection request, I felt a bit better.”

We suggested the Facebook friend (step one) walk through the house and speak loudly over and over, "I Am [his/her name]. I come in peace."  Then, we suggested he/she, at a separate time (step two), walk through the house and speak loudly over and over, "I bless this home and this land,"  holding both arms up with palms outward at shoulder level or above while so doing.  We recommend both every day for thirty days.  (The time varies depending on the situation/circumstances.)  Of course, if he/she forgets and misses a day occasionally, that's okay. There are additional recommendations, but these two steps are the groundwork. They set the stage for additional actions (such as release of spirits in residence either full or part time).

Personally, I bless homes and land “in the name of Christ” and fling “angel energy” around.  Some people recommending burning sage, sweetgrass, etc. and taking it into every room or around an area to cleanse.  That’s fine, but Divine light energy is the highest and best in my opinion (and all people have access to it).  For additional information, contact the Angel-Light Team.

We are the Angel-Light Team. Our purpose/mission is to facilitate the liberation, healing, wellbeing, enlightenment, and ascension of people around the world who are drawn to our ministry. All who support our ministry with donations are specifically blessed.

If your wellbeing is a top priority, ask what the Angel-Light Team can do for you.

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