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Monday, April 28, 2014


April 27, 2014

Thought form entities are created by people—either with conscious intent (as in the case of people who engage in the dark arts) or unintentionally.  Repetitive negative thoughts with strong emotion create negative thought form entities. The stronger the emotions generated, the stronger the thought form entities.  People create thought form entities unintentionally when they experience focused and intense energy, so thought form entities are not uncommon.  The more often a person goes into an intense emotional state with negative thoughts toward others, and the longer the intensity, then the stronger the entity.  And over time the entity becomes more sophisticated.  Thought form entities can also feed off the emotional energy of people other than their creators. Thought form entities are created in cases of “road rage” and head right to the person who is the target of the anger. During puberty, there is a lot of emotional turmoil, which is often suppressed when the young person has no way to express it (such as through sports or dance). The imagination can run rampant during those years if there is little socializing. And if someone angers the adolescent, the harbored ill will can increase in intensity, thus creating a thought form entity. The longer the person exists in this state, the stronger the thought form entity. There’s only a fine line to cross before the negative thought form entity or entities engage in destructive and harmful activity—such as the cutting activities of some young people and, unfortunately, violence toward authority figures or peers.  Quiet, introverted types who mostly keep to themselves are those most inclined to engage in violence toward themselves and others. Poltergeist activity in general is evidence of a thought form entity.

Once thought form entities take form, they are can develop a personality and goals. In fact, thought form entities created by people who engage in the dark arts carry the emotions of their creators and can be infused with goals and sent to their targets to do the work they are assigned.  Thought form entities can also be intentionally created to protect people, places, and things.  Some people create thought form entities to engage in psychic battles.  There are groups of people who play games with each other via their thought form entities as a form of amusement and recreation.  The more people who join together with focused will to create a thought form entity, the more powerful the entity.  What people who are novices don’t realize is that if they create an entity with negative intent, the entity will often return to its creator(s) to wreck havoc. If a thought form entity is not sufficiently fed, it will lose power and dissolve over time.  They can also be destroyed—by their creators or even by others who have the knowledge and power to do so.

We are currently in the process of checking supporters (people who have donated in the past six months) and their homes for the presence of negative thought form entities.

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