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Monday, May 26, 2014


May 26, 2014

Sometimes it can be very difficult to move on after the ending of an intimate relationship—even if one wants very much to do so. Why is that?  Have you ever heard or read about marriage ceremonies using the words “the two become as one”?  It’s absolutely true if there is strong energy resonacy and intimacy. A couple can have strong energetic connections and entanglements, for example cords, ribbons, and strings between the energy centers/chakras. Soul facets of each person can be with the other person.  Energy essence of each person can be with the other.  People can be entangled and entrained and merged to varying degrees. A person can be carrying a portion of another person over lifetimes.

We can assist people who want to move on from a relationship that has ended but feel unable to do so. Nothing we do will take away the love one has for another person.  Higher love knows no bounds, and there is no separation at the higher, spiritual levels of our existence.  One may feel a shift or even temporary emptiness as the changes are made, but all will fall into place. Sometimes one grows so comfortable with the presence of another in one’s person that there is not a clear understanding of one’s true self. Getting accustomed to being one’s true self can feel strange.  After a metaphysical separation, one can choose to have higher love for the other person—an unconditional love of nonattachment.

Sometimes we find people who are infatuated or in love with another person, and it isn't reciprocated. In such cases, it is very easy (and quite common) for the infatuated to cross the fine line and violate energetic boundaries of the other person--even when the affection isn't solicited or encouraged or wanted. It's one thing for there to be mutual affection, love, and desire, but quite another thing if it is one-sided. 

Restoring the integrity of two people’s space once a relationship has ended is a very healthy thing to do.  This isn’t the same as a relationship severance when there has been abuse and trauma. A relationship severance is permanent. A metaphysical separation is not.

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