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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


June 18, 2014

Before every prayer/decree/affirmation, speak your statement of being aloud.  We recommend:  “I Am [insert your name]—All [insert your name]. I Am That I Am.” You can add whatever you wish—but not too much.  For example, some like to add, “A Child of God.” Others like to add, “A Sovereign Free Will Being.”  You might choose to add one or the other or both, or you might have something else come in mind. Note:  Just speaking your statement of being aloud a few times a day all by itself can enhance your wellbeing.  Create a statement of being that feels good to you.

Beginning every prayer/decree/affirmation with an introduction can be a very good thing. Some use, “In the name of Christ” or “In the name of Jesus Christ” or “In the name of All That is Holy” or “As a Sovereign Free Will Being” or “With my Applied Conscious Intent” or “With the Power of My Divine I Am Spirit” or “With the Power of Christ Divine Within Me” or a combination of two or more.

Sample endings to prayers/decrees/affirmations are: “now,” “on a full and permanent basis--now,” and “throughout space-time—throughout time-space—on a full and permanent basis—now.”

When praying, one might want to address: “My Divine Creator” or “Dear God” or “Heavenly Father” or “Father-Mother God” or “Dear Divine Support Team” or “Heavenlies of Light” or “Divine Ones.”  In some matters one would be more appropriate than others, so it is to pick and choose.

As far as beginnings and endings to prayers, decrees, and affirmations, consistency is not absolutely necessary. Flexibility can be important.  

When praying, you address your prayer to the being(s) of choice and add, “Thank you for hearing my prayer.”  Then, you ask for what you want, such as:  “I Am asking you [or “you all”] to [insert what it is you’re asking for] and then close with your ending of choice. Complete with, “Thank you!”

The method of decreeing/affirming is to create your beginning, and then add “I [insert your name] Decree I Am [insert what it is you are doing/claiming],”  and then add your ending.

There is a combination of praying and decreeing/affirmation that many use often.  You first invoke the Powers you wish to call on, such as “Prime Creator Source who reigns supreme and sovereign over all that is seen and unseen, visible and invisible” and/or “Christ Divine” and/or “the Heavenlies of Light” and/or “Christ Michael the Archangel” and/or “The Light Force” and/or “The Warrior Angels of Christ” and/or “The Krystic Forces” and/or “My Divine Support Team.”  You begin with your Statement of Being, and then add “I [insert your name] Decree I Am invoking [insert who you are invoking] on behalf of me and mine—now.”   Then begin with your intro (such as “In the name of Jesus Christ”), then add: “I [insert your name] Decree I Am calling forth, asking for, claiming, and giving thanks for [insert what it is you want] and then add your ending.  Note: Depending on the matter, some add either “commanding” or “demanding” or both before the word “claiming.”  If you’re feeling desperate, this might be your choice.

In some matters, you might want to work with Divine in you as follows: “My Dear Divine Spirit, I thank you that the long arms of the Kristic Forces and the Warrior Angels of Christ and Christ Michael the Archangel are [insert what you want and then your ending].

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