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Friday, June 13, 2014


June 13, 2014

I had in mind today to create an article about how one human’s personal angels can interact with another human’s angels to obtain assistance or fill a need of their human. There have been many stories of such things in the “Guidepost” magazine titled “Angels on Earth.”  It just so happens that there is an example in a blog of Ann Kreilkamp, Ph.D. that I read today. Ann is an admirer of Peace Pilgrim (now deceased) and the example she set for others to follow—in whole or in part—just as I am (and I considered Peace Pilgrim one of role models during the “traveling angel” years). On Ann’s site we’re informed that Ann has been pushing personal, cultural, and philosophical boundaries ever since she received her Ph.D. in philosophy in 1972.  Ann is a permaculturist and, in 2009, established a public neighborhood garden on her own land.  About the same time, she began to attend UFO conferences and “to read avidly in this highly politicized, disinformation-riddled, secretive, mind-bending, outrageous and wondrous field.”   Ann is a prolific blogger, and you can subscribe free on her site, www.exopermaculture.com.  I’m more interested in some of her blogs than others as you, no doubt, will be.  I admire Ann Kreilkamp, and perhaps you will, too. 

In my opinion, angels were involved in this experience Ann shared in a blog recently:  I had been visiting a fellow peace activist in Wheatland, Wyoming. I can't remember why, but for some reason he suggested that I get my old Chevy Monza's "wheels packed" (I think that's what it's called) before I left to go back home to my yurt in Kelly, Wyoming. So on Saturday I took it to a mechanic. The next day I took off, heading out on the seven hour return journey. After about three hours, I heard the right front wheel start screeching. It got worse and worse. Finally, I pulled off the highway and got out of the car. I was in the desert, about ten miles from tiny Shoshoni. What to do? I had very little cash on me, no check book, hardly any money in the bank, and did not own a credit card. I stuck out my thumb. Within five minutes, one car came along, an old one, slowly.  It contained a very old couple. They stopped. Took me home. Fed me, gave me a bed to sleep, and the next day, Monday, took me to see their friend who was a mechanic. He and I drove to the junk yard, found the part needed, drove back, and I walked back to the old couple's place to be fed and sheltered while he fixed it. The next day I left town, promising to pay him over time for his services. Told him I could send $50 per month. He said okay, that he trusted me. And that's what I did (for three months). And that's what he did. And that's what they did. Had I not been in such a "desperate" situation, had I not been stripped of the layers that protect us from each other and discourage the activation of our innate loving kindness, I would not treasure this potent memory that, ever since, has undergirded my relations with others. [end of Ann’s sharing]

During my years as a “traveling angel,” there were many times that my angels asked the angels of others for assistance for me, and there were also many times that the angels of others asked my angels for assistance for their humans.  An experience of receiving guidance to assist another human (when I had an automobile) stands out above all the rest.  On a day that I had not planned to travel about 60 miles to a truck stop where I sometimes camped out, I was guided to do so.  On the way, I thought I would stop by a Walmart super center and purchase some food for myself and to give away, and I had one struggling man in mind more than anyone else.  But no, I was urged to go straight to the truck stop, and so I did. There I found the man, who had diabetes, weak and faint and about ready to rummage in the dumpster for some food to eat—something this proud man was extremely reluctant to do.  You see, he had made a lot of money as a truck driver before poor health (including amputation of some toes) made it necessary to retire. The only problem with that is he had to wait for disability--appealing and making little to no progress until a lawyer stepped in to assist pro bono, while his savings dissipated.  He had no income except for a few dollars when he would take truck drivers to the regional airport, grocery stores, etc. in his nice pickup truck. So when I found the man sitting in his truck and approached him, he didn’t ask me for anything (being too proud), but I told him that my angels told me he needed some help and gave him some money. It was then that he told me he was about ready to swallow his pride and rummage through the dumpster.  I then got a wish list from him and went to Walmart to shop. I kept in touch and visited with that man several times over a year or two (continuing to assist when needed), and when he began receiving disability and then social security retirement, he provided food for hungry, homeless people and travelers at that truck stop (following my example of helping people there) because, despite the funds to rent an apartment, he wanted to continue living out of his truck and being there with people interaction. (I understand that because I miss being on the road and camping out.)

During the “traveling angel” years when I had an automobile but before I began receiving my social security retirement benefits at age 62, there were times when I needed gasoline or car assistance and had no money, no bank account, and no credit card. I would raise the hood of my car and wait for my angels to send some assistance my way. Sometimes assistance was almost immediate; other times it was hours later.

When it occurs to you to go somewhere or to assist someone or gift someone, perhaps it is angels touching your heart and mind. Pay attention. I’ve learned when I most need to receive is when I most need to give.

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