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Thursday, July 24, 2014


July 24, 2014

A Facebook friend posted a method to fight off an aggressive metaphysical entity which has the title “The Fighting Form.”  When I did an Internet search for the term, it seems that it is also used in marital arts.  The friend described the process:  “Hunch your arms (fists and forearms in front of your abdomen) to protect your solar plexus [above the navel]. Tuck your face close to your chest. Do not look at the entity.  Stomp  your foot defiantly and emit shrieking yells.  Do this until you intuit the entity is gone.”  He adds: This would be an extreme case. For the most part you are in control and only need to say, “Be gone!”

I would like to add that when you feel threatened by another person and or in danger from violence, assume the aggressor is possessed, occupied, and used by an evil entity (whether temporary or long term), and do this.  I also recommend putting "in the name of Christ Jesus" or "in the name of Christ Divine" in front of "be gone" and repeat over and over again while in the described position. Some would recommend this for aggressive bears or dogs because you sure can’t outrun them, but I don’t have sufficient knowledge about interactions with bears or dogs to do so.

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