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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


August 12, 2014

I subscribe to the ES Ascension News of Lisa Renee, whose web address is www.energeticsynthesis.com.  I have not read all of Lisa’s articles, but I consider her lengthy August 2014 article titled “Expanding Consciousness” ( available at http://www.shiftfrequency.com/lisa-renee-expanding-consciousnes ) to be so exceptional that I want to share with readers of my site. The sections of the article are titled:  Consciousness is Energy; Linear vs. Non-Linear Thinking; How Does Energy Contract and Expand; Mainstream Science Confirmation Bias; Defending Ego Position in Confirmation Bias; Shaping of World Organizations; The Nature of Consciousness; Practices to Expand Consciousness; Observe, Discern and Accept; Observing Multiple Functions of the Mind; Unconscious Mind; Instinctual Mind; Conscious Mind; Removing False Ego Identities; Discovering Freedom in Consciousness; Expanding Beyond Observer Point; GSF Behavior—Empathy and Compassion.

Lisa explains how energy contracts and expands:  “Energy is Consciousness, and it either contracts or expands to maintain or increase its frequency rate. The process of how fast or slow energy contracts back towards its center point of source field is the Vibration rate. The process of how fast or slow that same energy expands away from the center point of the source field is the Oscillation rate. The combination of both the pattern of Vibration (contraction) and Oscillation (expansion) speed is what determines the frequency rate of all energy and things. As our personal, collective, and planetary consciousness raises frequency, the matter world, including our physical bodies, also becomes less dense as our frequency increases.”

And here are a few short tidbits:  “WHEN ONE CANNOT RECOGNIZE SOUL IN THE SELF, ONE CANNOT RECOGNIZE SOUL OR LEVELS OF SENTIENCE THAT ARE PRESENT IN OTHER LIVING THINGS” [EMPHASIS ADDED].  “Selfish tyrants intimidate others to keep control while Compassionate Leaders serve the vision for the highest potential for all.”  “Confirmation bias is the tendency to favor information that confirms one’s beliefs or personally vested hypotheses.”  “As consciousness expands, so does the practice of compassionate actions.”  “When higher consciousness is expanded, sensory ability/levels of sentience are greatly expanded.  This means that one can develop consciousness to perceive and sense energies in higher frequency range, and then perceive sentient beings that one was not aware of previously.”  “Expanding consciousness is all about training the mind.”

“Expanding Consciousness” covers a lot of important information and you may consider it enlightening. If you print the article (as I did), you can read slowly and highlight and make notes.  Again, the link is: http://www.shiftfrequency.com/lisa-renee-expanding-consciousness.

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