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Friday, August 15, 2014


August 15, 2014

Email Received: I  have  figured  out  why  I'm  having  to  do  so  much  clearing  here. Had  to  do  two  mass  exorcisms  here  today  and  tonight,  along  with  other  prayers, etc. My  landlord (who lives in another area of the house) is a nurse  and  works  at  a  big  hospital  and  brings  them  home with him.  Members  of  his  family  also  have  them and bring them to this house. Tires  me  out.  Did  a decree  to  put  depossession  stations  at  all  doors  and even  asked  them  to  be  put  around  the  whole  property.  Asked  for  a  million armored  angels  be  placed  all  around  here  to  clear  any  future  ones  that  come. Does not seem  to  work.  At my wit’s end. 

Response:  I have a simple solution for you:  FOCUS ON YOUR OWN SELF. Transcend so that you are minimally affected--if at all.  What you're trying to do for everybody else can be exhausting.  Truth is that beings of lesser light (aka demons/demonics) are all around us--just at another frequency of vibration.  Just as with 3D humans, there are some areas more populated than other areas.  And, yes, hospitals (and strip clubs and bars, for that matter) can have a larger population of demonics.  When we are vibrating in resonancy with beings of lesser light and the levels/planes where they exist (and it is about frequency range), then we're going to be affected.   So the solution is to take one's self out of range. I'm sure you have seen many articles on the Internet about how to do so.  I've posted numerous articles on this subject on my site over the years. In fact, the long article of Lisa Renee that I recommended in the most recent blog has a section or two on frequencies/vibration.  I'm not claiming all your troubles with demonics will be over if you make focusing on your own self your focus, but there will be a lessening of incidences.

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