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Sunday, August 24, 2014


August 24, 2014

I’ve seen the link to an article titled, “Proof that the Pineal Gland is Literally a Third Eye” by Steven Bancarz, creator of the site www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com, several times on my Facebook news feed. Today I decided to take time to read the article.  There is some good science in this short article that is easy to read.  I want to share some of it here and then report my experiences and ask readers a question afterward.

The pineal gland is considered and reported by some as an “intuition organ” and “the connection between body and spirit,” as Steven Bancarz reminds readers. He suggests (as have others) that the pineal gland is in fact an actual eye. I was already aware of the following information, but perhaps some readers aren’t:  “The pineal gland is a pea-sized gland in the exact geometric center of the brain and comes from the root word ‘pinea’ which is Latin for ‘pinecone’.  Pinecone symbolism appears all over the ancient world from the Sumerian, Greek, and  Roman traditions, to the Vatican’s ‘Court of the Pine Cone’ and staff of the Pope.”  If you don’t believe it, reader, check it out.  (Isn’t the Internet wonderful?)

Steven asks why so many ancient cultures were obsessed with pineal gland symbolism and says that the answer may be found when biophysical analysis is done of the pineal glands interior. According to Cheryl Craft, Ph.D. of the University of Southern California, the pineal gland of lizards (and I assume all reptiles) looks much like an eye, with the same shape and tissue.  Another researcher, Dr. David Klein, reports that the interior of the human pineal gland actually has retinal tissue composed of rods and cones (photoreceptors) inside its interior lining just like the human eye, and is even wired into the visual cortex in the brain, and the photoreceptors of the retina of our eyes strongly resemble the cells of the pineal gland. Steven’s article reports more research that I find interesting. And he shares his thoughts and speculations about the pineal gland and its possible or probable functions.

As Steven reminds us, the French philosopher René Descartes (1596-1650) emphasized the pineal gland in his writings, calling it the seat of the soul and “The part of the body in which the soul directly exercises its functions.” Have you ever thought about that? 

So now here is my experience and question: Over the years, at least beginning in the early 1980s, depending on the level of brain waves at any particular time, I have experienced purple and violet pulsating light from the forehead and/or eyes--both with eyes closed and eyes open. I call it my purple headlight. These days there is less of that and just the colors, sometimes gently moving out from my forehead, during meditation (still pulsing, it seems, but slowly).  I’ve noticed something in the last year or so that I cannot identify when focusing on a blank wall. I see an "image" of something opening and closing--like a mouth almost. It pulses to match my pulse/heartbeat. (Yes, I can feel my body gently pulsing when I sit quietly and turn my attention to it.) The image seems colorless, but I just then looked over at the wall and see violet/purple with it, so perhaps it is related to the pineal gland after all. Any thoughts?

Treat yourself to www.scienceandmetaphysics.com. You can search the site for the article, “Proof that the Pineal Gland is Literally a Third Eye,” but please take the opportunity to scan and read other articles on site.  Subscriptions to Steven’s newsletters/blogs are free, and I am now a subscriber.

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