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Tuesday, September 02, 2014


September 2, 2014

It occurred to me this morning as I was finishing my bath (without forethought, so it was guidance) to affirm that I am attuning to, aligning with, and embodying the Christ mission on earth.  And I spoke it immediately.  Felt wonderful!  I have been serving the cosmic Christ mission on earth for many years (which doesn’t mean I’m religious), but I don’t remember making that exact affirmation before (which doesn’t mean I haven’t).  For several years, I have been affirming that I am attuning to, aligning with, and embodying Christ Consciousness and other things non-material.  And I have been attuning to and aligning with material things, such as a wonderful automobile for my use now.  Don’t think if I want to embody material things. LOL!  Affirmations of any kind serve the purpose of shifting one’s energy (frequency resonance vibration) and one’s focus to allow for easier manifestation and even attract what one wants. Now if only I could remember to make such affirmations more often.

After I affirmed that I am attuning to, aligning with, and embodying the Christ mission on earth, I said, “Strike the embodying.”  You see, serving the Christ mission on earth can make one a target of the controllers who sabotaged the original plan of the founders of this planetary experiment. I know that from personal experience.  It would seem that if I embody the Christ mission on earth, I’m setting myself up for extra trouble.  However, I haven’t examined that or communed with my Higher Self/Overself about it yet, so I may change my mind after so doing.  

Again, affirmations and decrees can be effective because they change the person making them in some way.  They use the words “I Am.”  Be very careful of the words you place after “I Am” or the contraction “I’m.”  You don’t want to make a negative affirmation.

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