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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


September 17, 2014
It’s too bad that so many people don’t accept that we can change our lives in various ways with affirmations/decrees.  Occasionally, affirming/decreeing about a current matter only once is enough, but usually one to three times a day for a week or more is a better catalyst. And some issues reoccur and require attention once a month. Such is the matter of negative and dark energies—those created by ourselves and those created by others targeting us and those I call “free range” that are attracted to us by the negative and dark energies in our space. We can be blocked by negative energies within and around us--from a little to a lot. 
We have shared many times on this site the formats for prayers, decrees, and affirmations.  We refer you to the June 18, 2014 article on the Angel-Light Beamer  titled, “Affirmations, Decrees, Prayers.” Near the end we mention working with your Divine I Am Spirit.  Another article of this date, September 17, 2014, titled “Divine I Am Spirit Within” covers this subject. We recommend reading that article before this one. 
Because you are one with your Divine I Am Spirit, you can speak as your Divine I Am Spirit, such as: "I Am [your name]. I Am That I Am. With the power of my Divine I Am Spirit, I [your name] decree I Am ________ [fill in the blank]—on a full and permanent basis now.”  For addressing negative and dark energies, we suggest: “I Am [your name]. I Am That I Am. With the power of my Divine I Am Spirit, I [your name] decree I Am transmuting and transforming all negative energies within and around my person into positive energies and transmuting and transforming all dark energies within and around my person into light energies--now." Some people need to do this more often than others, some daily, some weekly, some monthly. Over time, there tends to be a need to do it less often.  However, in the beginning, we recommend it two or three times every day for a week. It works. It really works. Sometimes it takes longer than other times, and it takes longer for some people than others, but it works. Always remember to breathe fully and deeply (with full trunk of body engaged) before and after each decree/affirmation.
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