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Saturday, September 13, 2014


September 13, 2014

We’ve posted perhaps twenty to thirty articles on the nature of the soul over the ten years the Internet version of the “Angel-Light Beamer” has been in existence. This is yet another—short, as is our habit.

Some people make the assumption that the more lives a soul has lived, the more advanced is the soul.  However, that isn’t the case. The number of lives of the soul don’t seem to have a correlation with the level of development of the soul. Plus, there is the matter of “soul consolidation” a type of which results in a “composite soul.”  These composite souls can have experienced more lives than a soul that has never been part of such a group soul (not the same as soul group) living in one body.  There is also the matter of hybrid souls, which are a type of composite soul where essence of one soul is incorporated into another soul.  Some compare this with a blood transfusion. It’s similar, of course, but not exactly the same.

Reading transcripts of hypnosis sessions on the subject of the soul has long been an interest. And my own research (in various ways) has uncovered interesting information as well.  I especially appreciate finding that the people placed in altered states of consciousness report to many different researchers the same and similar information. I often reread books in my collections several times across a span of years to refresh my memory. Currently, I am again reading the first book of Michael Newton, Ph.D., “Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives” (1994).

Dr. Newton established a Classification Model for Soul Development Levels. Level I is the Beginner. Level II is the Lower Intermediate. Level III is Intermediate. Level IV is Upper Intermediate. Level V is Advanced, and Level VI is Highly Advanced.  He rarely, if ever, finds Highly Advanced Souls in his office seeking information and assistance while under hypnosis. That is understandable because Highly Advanced Souls (or even Advanced Souls, for that matter) rarely seek the assistance and guidance of licensed mental health professionals.

Dr. Newton and many others (including my own self) have found that souls can be found living two, three, and even four parallel lives in earth in human body-mind units. This is called “soul splitting” by some researchers.  Dr. Newton reports that one soul may even be capable of living in different dimensions during the same relative time.  A note I wrote in the margin by that a long time ago agrees:  “Of course!” Dr. Newton reports telling an advanced soul, “The idea that souls can divide themselves is not an easy thing for me to conceptualize.”  The response (from soul consciousness, of course) was: “Your use of the term divide is not quite accurate. Every part of us is still whole.”  Dr. Newton asked an Intermediate Soul, “Do all parts of our soul energy go out of the spirit world when we incarnate?  His client responded that part of the soul never leaves—never separates totally from its maker (which is the oversoul, I assume). Living parallel lives is chosen by souls (and their oversouls) wanting to accelerate development. 

Dr. Michael Newton’s second book, which I also have in my collection, is: “Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives” (2000).  His third, “Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression” (2007) provides some case transcripts, but is focused on training therapists. Yes, I have this, too.  However, Dr. Newton’s fourth book, “Memories of the Afterlife: Life Between Lives Stories of Transformation” (2009) is still on my Amazon.com priority wish list.  I’m so looking forward to reading it some day.

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