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Monday, September 08, 2014


September 8, 2014
It is not our intention here to present methods to assist with relaxation and sleep that are common knowledge but instead to present some suggestions of which the average person may not be aware.
By far the most important recommendation we can make is full body breathing.  If one is not routinely engaging the entire trunk of the body when breathing, one is missing an opportunity to enhance wellbeing easily and effortlessly.  Granted, until one is adept at full body breathing, then it might not seen easy. However, with practice it eventually becomes natural. . Actually, the focus is to be on the entire trunk of the body more than any other area, particularly if the goal is to unconsciously breathe.  It is very helpful to employ the imagination when undertaking procedures that are unfamiliar. The simply definition of the word “imagine” is to form a mental image.  However, it has come to be understood as using all the senses, to pretend, to “play like,” as do little children.  If one considers how a balloon inflates and deflates, then there will be a good idea of how to proceed with full body breathing. The difference is that the breath/energy is entering and exiting through the skin, the cells of the body.  Master this.
A breath technique used to calm one’s self is as follows:  Exhale to the count of 6. Hold to the count of 6. Inhale to the count of 4.  Do not hold the breath, but begin exhaling to the count of 6 immediately. Continue for as long as needed.  A breath technique which can quiet the mind is: Open your mouth slightly.  Breathe out during a count to 6.  Hold for a count of 2.  Release smoothly and breathe in during a count to 6.  Hold for a count of 2. Repeat this whole process 3 times (or more if desired).  You can usually sense your body beginning to relax. Here is a relaxing breath I’ve used for many years:  Breath in with the entire trunk of your body (or as much of the area as possible). Breathe out through the mouth. Slowly, over and over again. It’s that simple. This is enhanced by thinking silently:  "With every breath I take, I am becoming more and more relaxed, more and more relaxed." Slowly.  This technique can be used to program the body mind.  For relaxing and sleeping, the words used are quiet mind, relax, at ease, sleepy, deep sleep. The first syllable (or first word when there are two) is thought silently on the inhale and the last syllable (or second word) is thought on the exhale. Some people find that it is particularly difficult to relax and meditate and go to sleep after hours of using the left brain and rarely accessing the right brain. And sometimes one will find the left nostril to be congested when having difficulty relaxing or going into meditation. (Remember to check for this.)  Decongesting by closing the other nostril with thumb and forcing breath in and out (but not violently so) will remedy this (and keep a tissue handy). The right side of the body is controlled by the left side of the brain, and the left side of the body is controlled by the right side of the brain.
Children like to twirl and spin their bodies, which can cause dizziness.  Spinning the body counterclockwise slowly and gently as long as one can without falling can be calming and induce a state of peace and rest.  As one becomes acclimated to the movement of the body, one can increase the pace a wee bit.
Have you ever zipped your body into a sleeping bag?  Usually, the face and head is uncovered.  However, there are sleeping bags available that will cover all but the face. During very cold weather, one can often see adults with small children in their arms or carriages wearing insulated garments that cover all but their faces.  They are almost cocoons.  Installing a full body cocoon of golden light energy is recommended after one is comfortable in bed for the night or when intending to take a nap in a comfortable chair.  Some people imagine it developing or even angels placing it after speaking or thinking these or similar words, “Full body cocoon, please.” And then, “Thank you,” after sensing it is in place on the outside of the auric field (which extends 4’ or so beyond the physical body).  Affirm silently that the cocoon is radiating bright, clear, golden light outward and inward and then image that.
This next recommendation often reassures a person that he/she is safe and protected; therefore, it can enhance rest and sleep.  It can also be energizing if used during waking hours with that intend.  It is to imagine every cell in the body to be a bright, twinkling light (golden white or gold). First begin with the either the top of the head or the soles of the feet—whichever is your preference, turning on the lights, the cells as you move down or up the body. Slowly.  Of course, there are so many cells throughout the body that there will be no separation and instead a glow of lights twinkling brightly. Just writing these words has my body feeling so good!
Remember:  One becomes skilled and even adept with practice.
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